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Kirinor, 16th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 25
The Palanthas Herald

Amidst Controversy, Church of Sargonnas Vows Reform

by BAAL the Goatlord, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Yurthgreen 1, 424 AC

Palanthas - Leaders of the local church of Sargonnas led a public sermon this Kirinor, extolling the change they promise to bring to the church in temple square. Controversy arose in the Palanthas temple district when it was reported that members of the church of Sargonnas carried out a vendetta against an innocent person. Temple leaders initially denied the reports, but an investigation spear-headed by members of the church of Kiri-Jolith with assistance from the city guard and the local circle of the Solamnic knights confirmed that the temple of Sargonnas was involved.

Reverend Koth Dragal spoke with the Herald. "These allegations are shameful and intolerable. We will bring swift vengeance against those fools who acted without proper diligence." When asked about what particular steps the church of Sargonnas plans to take, Reverend Dragal responded, "We need to start over with the honorable folks of Palanthas. As such, we will mercilessly forgive all our enemies. No one shall be spared from our wrathful tolerance!"

Members of the temple appeared to make good on their pledge. The Herald received numerous reports of clergy wandering the city, angrily healing the sick and violently feeding the hungry. This reporter personally witnessed a minotaur deacon yelling "Sargas bless you!" while hurling small pouches of coins at innocent bystanders. Two people were injured in the incident, one man had his leg broken and a passing gnome suffered a concussion.

Members of the temple of Mishakal sent teams of clergy to respond to the Sargonnas reformers. Blessed daughter Auriana Glenwood led a small group through the temple district trying to counter the actions of Sargonnas's faithful. "We will not tolerate all this toleration! Especially when these so called do-gooders represent that vile cow god! We will walk through this city with our noses upturned until common sense and dignity return to it!"

The Palanthas city guard reported that Auriana Glenwood and a pack of her followers were responsible for tipping over 10 cows on the outskirts of the city. It is also reported that they stole half a dozen casks of ale from the popular minotaur tavern "The Milk Shed" to throw a kegger at the temple of Mishakal.

Calvin Brightfood, a kender out of Solace witnessed some of the clashes between the two temples. "Yeah, it was really cool. Oh sorry, you must of dropped that. Anyway, this big guy came running at me. I thought he was going to bean me with a club, but he stopped right in front of me. He said something about a Red Condor, then he gave me a whole bunch of interesting things! He just gave them to me! I don't think anybody ever did that before. But then this really pretty lady came over. She smiled at me and said Mishakal loves me. But then she stole all my stuff! What a great day. Oh, and she kicked a gnome. Poor fellah, I think he already had a headache."