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Bakukal, 15th day of Deepkolt, 432 AC
High Watch falling 27
The Palanthas Herald

Renegade Wizard Implicated in Arson.

by BAAL the Goatlord, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 27, 424 AC

Palanthas – City guards responded to an arson at the controversial Dark Warrior tavern. Members of the church of Kiri-Jolith assisted with crowd control and treated injured citizens after a fire was started by a disgruntled patron. Numerous injuries were reported and half a dozen people are still missing.

The fire started around Late Watch on Palast, Deepkolt 14. Eyewitnesses describe the alleged perpetrator as a "goat-like" minotaur. The inn proprietor claims that the patron was a regular customer, who hid his unusual appearance. The suspect went by the name "Modontus," though members of the city guard suspect this may be a false identity.

Modontus has also aroused the attention of the Wizards of High Sorcery. Members of the order convened a meeting shortly after the fire at the Dark Warrior. Order spokesmen Roth uth Dargaard released a statement to the Palanthus Herald regarding Modontus.

"It has come to our attention that a mage with an odd appearance who calls himself Modontus has been operating in this fair city without the consent of the Order of High Sorcery. The magics demonstrated by Modontus are clearly powerful and beyond the scope of an apprentice. He has thus far refused offers to surrender to the Orders of High Sorcery for proper testing. Recent events reveal that Modontus has also flouted the laws of the city and has injured and assaulted the good citizens of Palanthus. Therefore, the Order has branded Modontus a renegade who must be brought to swift justice. An award for 500 steel pieces is hereby offered for any information resulting in the capture of Modontus. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to speak to the Palanthus guard or to the wizards enclave at the University of Palanthus. He is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances. It is the Order's fervent hopes that there will be no more injuries in this fair city by the deviant Modontus."

The Dark Warrior tavern is frequently investigated by the city guard and is known as a hot-spot for criminal activity. The tavern went into business shortly after the Chaos War, when Urnos Magru renovated an old shrine of Takhesis. There were many violent incidents in the tavern and the guard tried on numerous occasions to shut the place down. Clerics from the temples of Mishakel and Kiri-Jolith also attempted to close the tavern, though they failed to garner much support from the Senate. Urnos Magru is rumored to have ties to some of the more influential nobles in the city. Despite the taverns notoriety, it is popular with many of the residents in the shipping district.

Urnos Magru made a brief statement to the Palanthus Herald. "I will not be deterred by petty acts of vandalism. The inn will reopen in a few days, whether there is a proper roof on it or not." He declined any further comment.