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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Legendary Monks of Lynn Shou Temple to Demonstrate Martial Arts

by BAAL the Goatlord, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 6, 424 AC

Palanthas -The Monks of Lynn Shou Temple will be showing off their famous "Merciful Discipline" martial art in the city of Palanthas on Bracha, DeepKolt 19. Master Xhang Shi has taught martial arts at Lynn Shou temple for 20 years and will be leading the demonstration. Lynn Shou has a long tradition of martial arts training, with numerous folktales and legends springing up over the years.

According to historical records, Lynn Shou came to prominence about 200 years before the cataclysm when the founder, Dhu May, left the deserts of Khur to found his own temple in the Dargaard Mountains. The Lynn Shou temple is steeped in the traditions of the god Majere, and has strict requirements of its students. All of the most skilled monks are disciples of Majere, and they adhere to a strict vegetarian diet. The Lynn Shou monks are also noted for their vows of poverty, chastity and prohibition of inebriants. Their training and meditation is thought by scholars to be the most rigorous offered on Ansalon. Their skills are so great, in fact, that it is rumored they can fly short distances and are capable of running across water. Most scholars scoff at these notions, but agree that Lynn Shou skill is very impressive.

City merchants managed to catch wind of the Lynn Shou monks visit and have already begun to apply for permits to bring their food carts and other wares into the city square. Unconfirmed reports from temple row indicate that the major temples will be sending a clerical delegation to welcome the monks to the city, lead by the Temple of Majere. Teldrad the Red, noted Wizard of High Sorcery and professor of magical studies at Palanthas University will also be attending. Delegations from the Legion of Steel and Knights of Solamnia are expected to view the performance. No word as of this printing if the Lord Mayor, or his Excellency, Emperor Jaymes Markham will be in attendance.

The Lynn Shou monks rarely leave the confines of their monastery. No historical records could be found at the great library regarding their last performance within the city, though on occasion a solitary monk will visit Palanthas. Attendance is expected to be heavy and spectators are advised to arrive early and keep an eye out for pickpockets. Additional city guard will be stationed around the square to ensure security. The event is free and open to all.