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Bakukal, 15th day of Deepkolt, 432 AC
Fifth Watch rising 11
The Palanthas Herald

The Mysterious statue of Astinus

by BAAL the Goatlord, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Deepkolt 7, 424 AC

Palanthas - A mysterious statue bearing the appearance of Astinus, the librarian of great renown, was found a block away from the Palanthas library a week ago. Stranger still, the statue changes position, though no one has actually witnessed the statue moving. City guards suspect it is an elaborate prank by University art students, though they admit this is pure speculation. A small collection of devotees have gathered around the statue to admire and study it. The followers, who call themselves "guardians of the statue", have held vigils to insure the statue is not defaced. Some townsfolk have brought offerings of food, incense, and parchment. Opinions seemed to vary in regards to the statue.

Aesthetic Jarid Ryeboch –"It's resemblance to the real Astinus is uncanny! I'd swear it was the real one, but he'd never sit around outside the library. Whatever it is, I hope it sticks around a little longer. The library hasn't received this much attention since the end of the Chaos War."

Theos Redhammer, merchant out of Thorbardin - "For such a short lived race, you humans sure waste a lot of time. It's probably a vagrant looking for a hand-out or a home sick elf."

Nubbins Quickfeet, Kender - "Well, it was pretty interesting. I spent a long time trying to catch him moving, but he didn't. And then he did! But my eyes were closed. I tried talking to him, but he doesn't say anything. Other than that, he's a very polite statue. Oh sorry, is that yours?"

Auros the White, mage and student at the University of Palanthas - "It is quite a mystery! I've cast a few spells to see if it's animated or perhaps an illusion. I haven't succeeded in determining what's at work here. My spells reveal nothing more than what my ordinary senses do. I can't imagine its some street actor; he's had people watching him for days!"

Tezlarn, Kagonesti Bard -"Marvelous is it not? I see a dream made flesh, a living poem! It's as though Krynn itself birthed him."

This statue is not to be confused with the one donated to the Great Library almost five years ago by famed sculptor Deitrich Kullen. It is still displayed prominently in the library. Kullen could not be reached for comment.