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Majetag, 15th day of Gildember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 17
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Krynn Mourns Death of Dragonlance

by Carteeg Struve, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Misham, Yurthgreen 1, 423 AC

Solace - Personalities from all over Krynn arrived in the growing city of Solace to attend the highly publicized funeral today. Even ships and inter-dimensional portals from continents beyond Ansalon's shores were used to ferret attendees to the ceremony.

"I'm stunned and yet very happy to see so many coming to show their love," said Solace Mayor Palin Majere. "It mellows some of the pain and takes what was purely a negative turn of events and rises it up to bittersweet. I only hope that Solace can deal with so many people here at once."

"News... spread quickly," said Shedara of Taladas, struggling with the differences between Taladasian and Ansalonian common. "Even though... none here know Taladas, we want to show support... after everything Dragonlance done for us. We want to show... that our potatoes carry."

"Yeterian ve collif," added Lord Sovereign Montegron of Adlatum. "Tein carifi sed mel dylinsia vi ne meritide ve sed lof Dragonlance d'ta caramin." Apparently the differences between Ansalonian and Adlati common are more severe. "Nev potatoes ne di crontab."

Although Mayor Majere was scheduled to give the eulogy, his sister Dezra delivered the speech when the mayor emotionally broke down minutes before he was to come on stage. "This is a sad and emotional event," she told the audience of over thirty million. "There are reasons for us to be angry, but remember that despair and hopelessness was what we are supposed to rally against. Ever since the War of the Lance, the adventures of Dragonlance were examples of exactly that! There may be balance in the world, but it is never perfectly balanced. The pendulum swings, and although you may feel we are entering a time of darkness, remember and hold close to your hearts the knowledge that eventually the pendulum will swing back!"

Emperor Markham of Solamnia recounted the event. "After Miss Majere's speech, the people's mood changed drastically. It went from a massive crowd mourning to a massive crowd celebrating. Instead of feeling pity and depression, everyone instead decided to focus on the good things they've got and the good memories. People were talking together, playing games, singing, and even making up games and stories of their own. I have never seen the like. This is good. This is what was needed."

The Dragonlance that perished was forged by Theros Ironfeld during the War of the Lance almost a century ago. After several decades of being using by Caramon Majere to prop up a weakened support beam in the Inn of the Last Home, the holy weapon snapped. Last week the church of Mishakal confirmed that the holy enhancements to the lance had faded away to nothing after such a long time of neglect.

The lance was put to rest in the Tomb of Heroes. Caramon Majere's body was removed and egged. The Dragonlance is survived by two holy kitchen knives and a blessed meat cleaver.