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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 13
The Palanthas Herald

Ansalon Experiences Bandwidth Problems

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Misham, Yurthgreen 1, 423 AC

Palanthas - Residents of Ansalon were alarmed today when they awakened to discover that they were unable to leave their homes, inns, or even return from abroad.

"It was horrible," said Palin Majere, Mayor of Solace. "It was like 10 feet of snow were heaped in front of the door to my house. I tried the windows too. I was sealed in. I couldn't even get the morning edition of the Tattler."

Similar incidences were reported all across Ansalon with thousands of people sealed inside their homes and inns where they had stayed the night.

Hundreds of Ansalonian Citizens returning after visiting the far away lands of Ithin'Carthia, Adlatum, and Taladas report being detained at airports all over Ansalon by Ansalonian Customs Agents for several hours.

"This is an outrage," said one resident who asked not to be identified. "I was detained for several hours while Customs Agents grilled me about my citizenship. I'm a citizen of Ansalon for Paladine's sake."

According to official sources, early this morning around Dark Watch, Palanthas Standard Time, all entrances and exits in and around Ansalon slammed shut."

"It was the darndest thing," said Imus Du Gud, Knight of Solamnia. "One moment I'm walking my beat along the Aesthetic Avenue, and the next I found myself in a nearby inn and the doors wouldn't open."

An emergency meeting of the Gnome Entrance, Exits, and Access Committee (GEEAC) was convened to examine the cause of the problem.

The meeting raged for several hours, with various members of the Committee flinging various hypotheses back and forth. But not really agreeing on any particular cause of the incident.

Around First Watch, the phenomenon suddenly righted itself.

The Committee fell back to bickering amongst themselves this time flinging hypotheses to explain the sudden repair. Again, they were unable to reach a consensus.

One gnome speaking on condition of anonymity told the Herald, "What happened today was a bandwidth issue," he said. "There is an invisible band of energy that surrounds each of the continents of Krynn, including Ansalon. Too many people have crowded into Ansalon the last few years and finally the band couldn't take it anymore and it snapped shut."

When asked to explain what changed to fix the problem, the gnome said, "I believe the only reason the band released is because the gods upgraded the band around Ansalon. This is just a temporary fix. Ansalon is overcrowded. What happened today will happen again, if people don't start living and adventuring on the other continents. Ansalon needs a break... maybe not the best choice of words."

As of this reporting there have been no further reported bandwidth issues.