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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour falling 4
The Palanthas Herald

Brutal Murder in Kalaman

by DaemonAngel, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Fleurgreen 10, 422 AC

Kalaman - A man was found dead having been thrown from the top floor of a building in the city's shoddier northwest district.

The body of a large man was discovered by the city's night watch, having apparently been beaten mercilessly and thrown through the window of his room on the top floor, to fall to his death.

"We were near the end of our watch," a city watchman told the Herald, "When we heard the shattering of glass just up the street from us. We rushed to the spot as fast as we could where we found a man's body on the street with shattered glass everywhere. Being tossed from the top floor it was obvious we couldn't do much for him except cover him up with one of our cloaks as some of the other went up to his room. I regret to say that we didn't find anyone. Whoever was there was long gone."

Upon questioning the other residents of the building, the watch learned the victim was Halso Novolen, whom neighbors recalled was reserved man and usually kept to himself.

"He spoke to me only a few times since he moved here just after the wars," said the landlord, "He never bothered anyone to my knowledge and I've never gotten any complaints about him."

The only other thing about the victim that the landlord could tell the Herald was, "I couldn't help but get the impression that Halso was a man that's been through some sort of serious ordeal and it was eating away at him."

Knowledge about the victim it sketchy and all that could be learned was that he was originally from Solanthus and that he did freelance work prior to and just after the War of Souls before moving to Kalaman like so many people have done since the twilight was lifted from Nightlund. So far, he has no known friends or family, his only known acquaintances in the city being a dwarf jeweler, an unidentified former captain of the militia and some workers at the city docks.

The Sheriff has told the Herald that he has ordered an investigation but admits that there's few leads to go on, especially since the residents didn't see anyone suspicious leave the building.

"All anyone knows from that night is hearing the sudden crash of a door, some fighting and finally the victim being thrown from the window," the Sheriff has told the Herald, "I think someone really had it in for Halso but he didn't go down easy from what I can tell. His room looks like a par of ogres got into a brawl."

At last word the jeweler and former militia captain are being tracked down for questioning.

Adventure Hook

Who killed Halso Novolen? What was their motive? Could that ordeal be the reason for Halso's death? How are the dwarf and former captain involved, if at all?