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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Solamnic Outpost Requests Additional Aid

by Epoch, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 19, 422 AC

Throt - The newly-established Solamnic outpost in Throt has received a large number of refugees carrying a virulent plague. The knights stationed there are vastly under-equipped to care for the large number of those carrying the disease, and have requested aid from the knights' council.

"We'd barely finished putting the stakes in the ground for our defense perimeter when the first caravans approached. Since then we've been swamped." Outpost commander Salvatore Miceli said. "At last count we have 425 refugees on the base, all but a handful of whom have the plague. And we've only a dozen clerics here, not all of whom have the magical ability to treat diseases."

The refugees are coming from villages in the southern plains of Throt. One refugee who declined to give a name said a plague has been spreading like wildfire from village to village. The cause of the plague is thus far unknown, but one of the clerics suspects magical involvement.

"My money is on the Cult of Morgion as the culprit." Priestess Kaelin Roenick of Branchala said. "Anytime some new sickness crops up you can bet they're behind it. I just hope aid can arrive from home before we start losing patients."

Kalaman's churches of Branchala and Mishakal have responded to the outpost's plea for aid by dispatching a team of volunteer clerics laden with disease-curing potions. A circle of three Healing mystics in Kalaman also joined the volunteer force. "It will take them several days to arrive; hopefully we can hold out until then. In the meantime, I would be very interested in knowing the cause of this plague and stopping it if we are able." Miceli said.

Adventure Hooks

Whoever released this plague on the villages of Throt has their sights set on the larger Solamnic cities to the west. It's up to the adventurers at the outpost to find those responsible for the plague and stopping them before they spread the plague further.