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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Gnome Havoc Frightens Solace Residents

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 19, 422 AC

Solace - This past week several prominent citizens fearful for the safety of the town petitioned the Solace town council to remove the visiting gnomish scholars forcefully.

Earlier this week after several calamitous incidents involving malfunctioning gnomish contraptions, a number of Solace's resident petitioned the town council to remove the gnomish scholars visiting from Mt Nevermind forcefully.

"The first serious incident was when one of the gnomes, Spigot Noonwhistle, decided he'd had enough of walking up the staircase to the Inn of the Last Home," said Deputy Sheriff Roland Walker. "He decided to try out an invention of his that he called the Compair Propulsion Pack. Apparently, the backpack consisted of metal tanks that held air under pressure that would propel him up to the Inn. Of course, it failed - like all gnome inventions. If the little blighter could steer the thing, I suspect he could have easily made it, but instead he went careening about at ground level. He smashed through the three shops, before glancing off the farrier's anvil. That glance sent him spinning repeatedly head over heels before the thing finally died on him. Thankfully the only one hurt by this foolishness was spigot himself."

Another incident involved a lunar powered water-heating device, whose safety whistle shattered every window in one hundred feet when it was mistakenly triggered. Several people reported being injured by shards of flying glass, including two children. A steam-powered multi pronged oscillating metronome, burst during a bardic performance in the market, destroying a priceless harp before setting the stage on fire. Finally, an astro-observational platform designed to facilitate accurate star mapping, simply exploded. Some pieces of gnome mechanism were found over a mile from the blast site. Much of it however was imbedded in the immediate surrounds, including several Vallenwoods and in one case threatening the very life of the great tree. All the trees survived and were healed thanks to the ministrations of several druids who live near the town.

"And these weren't the only incidents, just the four most serious," continued Walker. "The chaos these gnomes have created, have us worried about the safety of our families. I can't say I blame people for wanting to rid the town of the little trouble makers, but they might just be able to help us against the dwarven worm." The gnomes are scholars from the Limbless Tubular Invertebrate Guild of Mt Nevermind and are here hoping to study the Urkhan worm controlled the robber baron Samuval. "Dangerous they may be, but they have proven helpful and who knows their mechanisms may just save our town."

The Solace town council is continuing its deliberations into the gnome situation and has promised the townsfolk action soon.

Adventure Hooks

Palin Majere and Gerard uth Mondar are hiring. They want gnome wranglers, people willing to try to keep the gnomes attention focused on tracking down the Urkhan worm before it reaches full maturity.