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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Vermin Infest Cities Granaries

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Yurthgreen 19, 422 AC

Caergoth - This week much of the city's grain stocks were ruined when swarms of vermin were unleashed in one of the cities granaries.

This week a large portion of the grain stocks of Caergoth were ruined when swarms of rats and mice were unleashed in one of the cities largest granaries.

"Our first sign of trouble was when several street cleaners reported strange noises coming from the large granary on Harbour Street,'' said Brad Vale of the Caergoth Militia. "Since this is one the major grain storehouses for the city, we responded in force. However we weren't prepared for what we found, not prepared at all. I've heard tales of rodent plagues, but the reality of hundreds, thousands of mice and rats is almost beyond belief. Drastic measures were called for, so I ordered the granary to be sealed and then torched. The owners of the Harbour street granary, Lord and Lady Dreyfuss loath as they were to see the destruction of such a valuable asset, could only agree with my decision."

The militia proceeded to seal the building as best they could before dousing it with highly flammable pitch and naphtha. They then dug a trench around the base and filled it with more of the chemicals to ensure few of the vermin would escape the coming conflagration.

"We were about to light it when the wizard arrived, Kandyse Eldar, the white robe," continued Vale. "She offered to use her magic to increase the heat of the fire in an effort to help contain the rodents to this one building. I didn't know what exactly she had in mind, but that didn't matter as long as she was helping save Caergoth. We set it going with a volley of fire arrows and then Eldar stepped forward brandishing this staff. She slammed it hard into ground three times, and then commanded the granary to burn and it did - hotter than ever. The heat and smoke already bad, got much worse forcing us withdraw to a safer distance, all except Eldar, who didn't seem to feel it. In mere moments, the building became a column of fire, white hot and then it was gone leaving only ashes. The mage's staff sucked in all the remaining flame and then she collapsed." Mishakalite clerics treating the wizardess, informed the Herald that Kandyse Eldar is fine, just exhausted by the extreme efforts of commanding a powerful arcane artifact.

The Caergoth Militia's investigation has revealed that the vermin swarm was not natural. Rumours about the city say that militia knows who is responsible, but there has been no official word yet. The Caergoth Baker's Guild has issued a statement, saying that though the city's grain reserves have been severely depleted, they believe there is enough to last until harvest time.

Adventure Hooks

The Militia believes that this rodent plague was brought on the city by Anthony Ramsgate, the so-called High Druid of Chislev, as revenge for not turning over the crystal unicorn he believes is a holy relic of his god. Track him down and prevent him from carrying out any further attacks on the cities food supplies!