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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 21
The Palanthas Herald

Thorbardin Rejects Ergoth's Call for the Hammer

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Yurthgreen 13, 422 AC

Thorbardin – The dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin has rejected Ergoth's request for the passage of the Hammer of Kharas.

Nearly two and half months after it departed to deliver Emperor Mercadior Rediv IV's request for the Hammer of Kharas, a diplomatic envoy sent to the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin has returned with a message from King Jungor Stonesinger – There would be no passing of the hammer to Ergoth..

Gaius Tacitus, the scholar from the Imperial University who first suggested the passing of the Hammer was a part of the diplomatic envoy.

"I clearly stated the legal obligations of the dwarves pertaining to the Hammer of Honor/Kharas as set forth in the Swordsheath Scroll," said Tacitus. "For my efforts I was laughed at and ridiculed by the dwarf king and his council of Thanes. I tried to make them see reason by stating that the treaty was just as binding today as it was when it was signed. King Stonesinger scoffed at the notion of anyone enforcing a treaty signed before the Catclysm."

According to Tacitus and several other members of the envoy, King Stonesinger quickly tired of the presence of the Ergothian Envoy and had them escorted from the dwarven kingdom.

"I warned King Stonesinger as we were lead out of the audience chamber that he was making a grave mistake," said Tacitus. "I told him that by not honoring his obligations he was essentially voiding the Swordsheath Scroll and it could lead to bad relations between Ergoth and Thorbardin. This time he didn't laugh, but threatened me with death if I spoke again."

Upon debriefing the members of the diplomatic envoy, a special session was held by the Imperial Senate who voted unanimously to strike Thorbardin from the Swordsheath Scroll. What eaxctly this means is not known, but sources within the Senate have informed the Herald it is a precursor for war.

These sources who asked not to be identified as they are not authorized to report on the affairs of the Senate told the Herald, "What this does is now give Emperor Redic the option of redressing the dwarves through force of arms. The Emperor simply needs to make an official declaration of war, then the Senate can begin the process of conscripting troops."

The Emperor could not be reached for comment.

The Ergothian Miner's Guild expressed elation at the Senate's decision. "We've been wanting to branch out and acquire some new mines. Now that those stunties have thumbed their noses at the Empire, it gives us the perfect place to start digging."

Tacitus was asked to comment on the rumors of war, he said, "As I told King Stonesinger in Thorbardin, not acquiesing to the demands of the Emperor as required in the Swordsheath Scroll was a grave mistake, one which could see a new War of the Mountain if things get out of hand as they did during the original War of the Mountain."