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Age of Mortals Campaign to Be Translated into Klingon.

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Yurthgreen 1, 422 AC

Seeking to capture new fans to the Dragonlance Setting, the Whitestone Council has announced plans to translate the entire Age of Mortals campaign into Klingon.

"There are a lot of Star Trek fans out there," said Trampas Whiteman, Chairman of the Whitestone Council. "With our own fan base continuing to decline, the Whitestone Council has embarked on this bold new direction for Dragonlance. It is our hope that by translating the enormously successful Age of Mortals campaign into Klingon we can attract some of the Star Trek fans base to our side of the fence."

The decision to pursue this course of action was decided by a very close vote with Whiteman casting the deciding ballot.

"The vote was largely along party lines," said Whiteman. "Many of the long time members voted against the idea, but just as many of the recent inductees to the Whitestone Council voted for it. Of course in order to get it to work out the way I wanted, I had to vote twice."

Next week, the Whitestone Counicl members will begin using the Rosetta Stone software to quickly acclimate themselves with the Klingon language before beginning work on the translation.

"It won't be easy," said Gary "Kendermage" Phillips, a junior member of the Whitestone Council. "Klingon is a very difficult language, and a translation of even the Sylvan Key will take considerable time. I would expect the Key of Destiny to be ready by Christmas."

Depending on the success of this venture, the Whitestone Council is already considering plans to draw fans from other fan bases such as Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica.

"This could be the beginning of a Renaisssance for the popularity of Dragonlance Gaming," said Whiteman. "By cross pollinating the fan bases each gets a larger fan base. We all win."