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Linaras, 22nd day of Reapember, 432 AC
After Deepwatch Hour rising 10
The Palanthas Herald

Village Destroyed, Kidnapping Thwarted

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 30, 422 AC

Solace - Earlier this week a group of adventurers thwarted an attempt to capture Solace merchant, Victor Trumper after a neidar village was destroyed by the Urkan Worm.

This past week an band of courageous adventurers saved Solace merchant Victor Trumper, thwarting an attack by minions of the robber baron, Samuval.

"I was conducting negotiations with the Coldchisel clan, hill dwarves famous for their stone working skill, about the construction of watchtowers across the Solace Vale, when we were attacked," Victor Trumper told the Herald. "We were sitting by the neidar's hearth in their small village, sharing an ale when the walls began to shake. The Coldchisel's had carved their homes from the very bedrock, so we knew something serious was going down. When the floor began to crack, we fled outside, even though we could barely keep our feet. Outside we watched the village collapse, as the ground subsided. That is when he appeared, Ruuak Bludfist."

Bludfist, a large bozak draconian called the Elfbane, is a fast rising lieutenant of Samuval's. He is infamous for his brutal methods of dealing with the elven rebels trying to regain their lost homeland. Bludfist, leading a large formation of troops swarmed into the village only to met by a small band of adventurers. Amongst them were Brannock Skullcracker, a Klar warrior, Kristoph Brandon, a former Solamnic knight, Mercy Bluesky, kender cleric and Devon Twilleagher kender nightstalker.

"Palin Majere had asked us to keep an eye on Trumper," said Skullcracker. "We were expecting trouble, but we weren't expecting that butcher Bludfist, or a village shaking itself to pieces. We fought, Brandon even got to trade a few blows with Bludfist himself, before the scaly git used his magic to escape, abandoning his men. They weren't much trouble after that. When we investigated the collapse of the village, we found the remains of tunnels created by an immature Urkan worm."

The now homeless Coldchisel clan are relocating to Solace for the foreseeable future and have agreed to build the watchtowers and are in negotiations about other possible defensive measures.

Adventure Hooks

Samuval is slowly increasing the Urkan worms size, soon it will be big enough to attack Solace, stop it!