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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Dark Knights Versus Dark Knights

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 15, 422 AC

Caergoth - This week two differing factions of the Knights of Neraka, fought each other over the chance to rob several wagons suspected of carrying artifacts recovered from the ruins of the Tower of Magius.

This past week two competing forces of Dark Knights fought each other on the road approaching the east gate of Caergoth. Each was after several wagons that were supposedly carrying valuable arcane artifacts recovered from the ruins of Magius's Tower and were being transported to the Wizards Tower at Wayreth via the port city. In reality, the wagons were decoys manned by Caergoth Lions and war wizards of the Towers of High Sorcery. Authorities have as yet determined to which faction the knights owed their loyalty, but the bloody violence with which they fought bespoke of their intense rivalry and ferocious enmity.

"We could see the sun reflecting off the walls of the city in the distance," said Kandyse Eldor, white robe wizard. "So we thought we had made it through free and clear. It was then the first lot of knights attacked. They rode up out of deep pits along the side of the road already mounted on their warhorses,. Fifty heavily armoured men swinging naked steel charged, but as we readied ourselves to meet them, the air shimmered then ripped apart. Out of the dimensional tear emerged another force of dark knights, thirty more all afoot, as well as two thorn knights mounted on wyverns. We were confident enough in our skills and abilities to face the first lot, but we knew we had little chance against their combined numbers. We were about to teleport out of there when the unexpected happened, the two forces attacked each other."

"The knights rushed each other with berserker furies that an enraged ogre would envy," continued Eldor. "We just had to hold our defences as they did our job for us. When the wyvernback thorn knights began to ran down their battle spells, it appeared as they might emerge victorious, but horsebacks produced crossbows. They were very clever, targeting their barbed bolts at the venerable leathery wings of the wyverns, instead of aiming at their bodies. Soon one wyvern and it's rider were down while the other was badly injured and fleeing. It was then we went the offensive." Witnesses report both factions were too busy fighting each other to properly meet the combined might of the Caergoth Lions and war wizards.

"We may not be the cheapest protection around," Mistress Irene Luther, Shinaran monk and commander of the Caergoth Lions told the Herald. "But we are the best. Both groups of knights had broken formation and were in disarray, but still could've been dangerous if not dealt with fast and professionally." The Lions and war wizards combined their talents and had either captured or killed every remaining dark knight. The captives are currently being questioned by the Knights of Solamnia and the Caergoth Militia.

Adventure Hooks

Enemies of the Dark Knights may wish to exploit the open hostilities between the factions.