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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Seventh Watch rising 14
The Palanthas Herald

Warband Ravages Farms Near Solace

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 15, 422 AC

Solace - A small band of bloodthirsty gnoll barbarians has swept through the countryside, destroying several farms.

This past week a small warband of savage gnolls decimated the countryside around the town of Solace. The fast moving band of barbarian warriors razed six homesteads, slaughtering whole herds of farm animals and setting alight everything flammable they passed.

"Fortunately for the homesteaders, the gnolls seemed more interested in creating terror than murder," said Roland Walker, a deputy Sheriff of Solace.

"The gnolls made so much noise that in every case, the farmers were able to flee to safety of the town. We dispatched two hunting parties to them track down, I led one and Sheriff Mondar led the other. We spent over a day sweeping back and forth before finally we found a decent trail and managed to track them down. They were encamped in a deep ravine feasting on some of the animals they had slaughtered earlier. It initially looked like we had lucked out, but something felt wrong."

"I decided to wait until Sheriff Mondar's party found us," continued Walker. "So we settled in to watch and two hours later my decision was proven right. Just as the Sheriff was approaching, the walls of the ravine approaching the gnoll encampment suddenly collapsed, enabling them to escape. We believe that they had detected us watching them and had realised we weren't willing to walk blindly into their trap. Sheriff Mondar suspects that the whole incident was a plan designed to winnow down the numbers of those protecting Solace."

In response to this attack, Major Palin Majere has put several new motions before the Solace Town Council, including one to immediately establish regular patrols throughout the territory. Another to investigate the viability and cost of strategically placed fortified watchtowers to help guard against further such incursions.

When asked if this new incident is just another of the troubles the robber baron Samuval has been inflicting on the town of late, Deputy Sheriff Walker gave the following response. "We have no definite proof as of yet, but Steel Legion sources say that Samuval has had significant contact with gnolls previously. Make of that what you will."

Adventure Hooks

Mayor Majere wants to establish a new division of the Sheriff's department specifically to patrol and protect the scattered farmers who live on the land around Solace. He is looking for recruits who know how to handle themselves in the wilds and aren't afraid of the kind of beasties that Samuval typically employs.