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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Eighth Watch falling 13
The Palanthas Herald

Boy, 9, Kills Father and Injures Longcoat

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 9, 422 AC

Good Bay - A nine-year old boy is in custody and stands accused of killing his father and injurying a Deputy Longcoat.

Nine-year old, Joseph Morgan was arrested by Good Bay Longcoats when he was discovered wandering in Central Square and carrying a bloody axe.

"That kid is creepy," said Nikkonus Harmon, Deputy Longcoat. "At first I figured he had killed some wild animal. I stopped him intending to take home, cause at that time of night kids shouldn't be wandering the streets. His eyes looked vacant; like he was really tired. I was totally unprepared when he rounded on me with the axe."

According to Deputy Harmon, Morgan hacked at his side with the axe. The blade cut an inch or so into his side but the force was blunted by his standard issue longcoat.

"Fortunately my coat blocked most of the damage and I was able to wrestle the axe out of his hand," said Deputy Harmon. "After a few minutes his eyes cleared and he started crying. He said wanted to go home. So I took him. As unprepared as I was when he attacked me; it was nothing compared to what I found in his house."

Deputy Harmon described the scene as "something out of a slaughterhouse." Inside the house he found Morgan's father laying in a pool of his own blood. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I asked Joseph what had happened," said Deputy Harmon. "His eyes got that hazy look again and he said, "My father called the dark knights thugs and bandits. I could not allow such a slur against our honor to go unpunished." What disturbs me most is he said "our honor" as if he himself was a Dark Knight. I took him into custody and summoned for help.

Morgan is one of the children who's name was found on the lists of a wandering puppeteer last week. The puppeteer, Reece Masters is a suspected Dark Knight Propagandist who on Palast pled "innocent" to the charge of unlawful recruitment of children for a military organization.

"I only told the children a few stories," said Masters in his defense. "No harm has ever come from telling stories. I tell my stories with puppets thats all; children love them."

An examination of the children who listened to the stories as well as the puppets is ongoing.

"Thus far we have yet to determine anything out of the ordinary about either the children or the puppets," said Strummer Hawks, Prefect of the Church of Branchala.

Morgan is currently in custody pending an examination by Prefect Hawks.

Adventure Hooks

What caused Joseph Morgan to attack his father in defense of the dark knights? Is it something one of Reece Masters' stories did to the boy? Why did Morgan use the words he did in defense of his actions? These questions need to be answered before such an attack happens again and Masters is not forthcoming with the answers.