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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Mayor Surrenders Town to Dark Knights

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 8, 422 AC

Long Ridge - The Mayor of Long Ridge has surrendered the town to the Knights of Neraka without a fight.

Six months after winning the position of mayor in the Annual Harvest Festival, Abner Kardscroll stunned the people of Long Ridge by unconditionally surrendering the town to the Dark Knights.

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted him," said Nelson Oldman, owner of Oldman Mercantile. "There was just something about him I didn't like, but I could never put my finger on it. I guess I should have expected something like this though, especially once he began issuing new laws such as the recent Curfew law. Now we know why he did it; he was setting us up for the Dark Knights."

The mayor further astonished city goers by revealing that he is not really Abner Kardscroll, but Raben Darkscroll, Knight of the Thorn.

"I am not the man you believe I am," said Kardscroll. "My true name is Raben Darkscroll and I am a Knight of the Thorn. My faction of Dark Knights now control this town. Citizens will be treated with respect provided they obey the laws. Transgressions will be punished with public lashing for a first offense and death for a second offense. I would do as me and my men tell you."

"Just great," said Reta Healinghand, mystic caretaker of the Shrine of Light. "I came here because I thought it was far enough out of the reach of the Dark Knights. I had enough of them in Haven, now I have to put up with them here too."

Not everyone is opposed to the rule of the Dark Knights.

Jena Hartilly, a barmaid at the One-Eyed Goblin told the Herald, "Lots of unsavory characters came into town until Mayor Darkscroll took over. Once he started cracking down the brutes went somewhere else. Yes, it has cut into our business at the Goblin, but lemme tell you I feel much safer. If the Dark Knights are gonna protect the town then I have no need to worry."

Most however echoed the sentiments of Healinghand and Oldman. Many townspeople grumbled to the Herald about becoming an occupied town but declined to go on record as speaking out against the Dark Knights.

As their first official act, the Dark Knights have temporarily suspended all traffic in and out of the city pending an official census.

Adventure Hooks

Unbeknownst to Mayor Darkscroll, his intentions did not go undiscovered. Nelson Oldman is actually an agent of the Legion of Steel and mobilized his cell at the first signs that Kardscroll did not appear to be who he claimed. Plans are underway to disrupt census locations across town to prevent the Dark Knights from gaining an accurate count. The heroes have been tasked with disrupting one such center.