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Celaton Plagued by Shadows

by DaemonAngel, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 8, 422 AC

Nightlund – The townsfolk of Celaton found themselves harassed by some new type of undead.

For the last couple of weeks the people of Celaton have been plagued by a series of break-ins but without any thefts or injuries. The problem began when the folks, taking advantage of unexpectedly warm weather, begin readying their fields and shops for what they are hoping is an early spring.

"We almost had a panic on our hands after Ironfist saw one come out his own shop," said the town's mayor, "We thought we had shadow wights for a moment, but these things aren't at all like the wights everyone dreads."

The "shadow" was described as being small in stature, almost child-like, but other than that it appeared as some kind of shade with no identifiable features. Being fast and nimble maybe why they've eluded being spotted up til now.

Of course, Nightlund has long been infested with all sorts of undead but since the Soth's demise and the end of the War of Souls, the rate of undead has fallen sharply and those left are either localized are just wandering. But what set these "Shadow Children," as locals have been calling them, apart from most other undead is they haven't really harmed anyone or done any real damage.

Even as some are starting to consider them a haunting nuisance, Sir Balor and the mayor aren't taking any chances.

"We're worried that this could lead to something more sinister," spoke the mayor, "To be safe I've sent the call to Kalaman and other towns for any priest or cleric willing to come and investigate."

"Don't take your eyes off the shadows," as the dwarf resident Njal has been telling his neighbors, "They could be moving when know one's looking."

Adventure Hook

The PC's are hired to investigate the source of these "Shadow Children." After questioning the locals they learn the houses that suffer the most intrusions are in the center of town.