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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 14
The Palanthas Herald

Dark Knight Propagandist Captured

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 1, 422 AC

Good Bay – Good Bay Longcoats have captured a Dark Knight propagandist.

On Linaras, the Longcoats were tipped off by several alert parents who heard their kids repeating stories extolling the virtues of the Dark Knights.

"My daughter stunned me the other day when she told me she wanted to grow up to be just like Mirielle Abrena," said Lucy Wavery, a barmaid at the Imperial gambling hall. "I about died hearing those words some out of her mouth. And she's only seven! I told my husband about it and he couldn't believe it either until she repeated what she'd told me in front of him."

"We were concerned," said Arthur Wavery, a cook at the Imperial. "We sat Meribeth down and had a long talk with her."

The Waverly's like several other couples discovered that their daughter had been recently been hearing stories from a traveling bard with a group of other children while their families were at work. The children said the bard used puppets to tell his stories.

The Longcoats took the complaints of the parents very seriously. Warden Blackstone took it upon himself to round up a posse to locate and arrest the bard.

The bard identified as Reece Masters, was arrested during one of his "performances" in the Central Square. Six children were discovered to be in attendance. He was immediately taken into custody. Several puppets resembling dark knights were recovered.

In his room at the Unstrung Lute, a disreputable flophouse located on the outskirts of Good Bay on the road to Zaradene, Longcoats found more such puppets and a list containing the names of all the children that had attended his performances.

"In Masters' room we discovered several puppets resembling Knights of Neraka," said Blackstone. "Most disturbing was the list we found. It had the names of all the children we knew about and dozens of other names I didn't recognize. Next to each of their names was marked one of the three symbols of the Dark Knights: the lily, the skull, and the thorn. From what I can surmise, Masters was running some sort of recruitment drive for the Dark Knights and was targeting children."

Masters refused to answer any questions put to him and is being held pending trial.

"I am deeply concerned for the children," said Blackstone. "Most of the parents have told me that their children are still repeating the stories of told to them by Masters. I fear he may have cast some sort of spell over them; however, he will not tell us anything."

Masters is scheduled to go before a magistrate on Palast next week, where he will hear the charges against him and be allowed to answer them.

Concerned parents are urged to take their children to the Temple of Branchala for an examination by the Prefects of the temple.

Adventure Hooks

What did Reece Masters do the children of Good Bay? Can it be reversed? How many other children has Masters corrupted with his "innocent" puppet shows? Who else is part of this plot? The heroes must find the answers to this puzzle before the children can be turned into new recruits for the Knights of Neraka.