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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Bards Prevent Demon Summoning During Performance

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Brookgreen 30, 422 AC

Good Bay – Bards from the Good Bay School of the Bardic Arts prevented a demon summoning during the Spring Equinox performance of the Ring of Broken Promises on Bakukal.

The bards led by Lady Agatha Ravenwood, Head Mistress of the Bard School and Mayor of Good Bay began a counter chorus during the middle of the first act.

"There is a magic in all performing arts," said Lady Ravenwood. "It can be used to heal hearts or enslave them. I suspected when we agreed to host the performance at the Scarlet Ribbon that there was magic afoot in the play, so I had some of my students look into it."

Three students were given the task of digging up information about the play. Jonas Jander, his sister Jerrica, and their longtime friend Alia Stonesong traveled to Palalnthas and discovered the truth behind the play.

"According to our research the Ring of Broken Promises refers not to a physical ring but a magical one in which the person in the role of Proximo consorts with a demon in exchange for three wishes," said Jonas Jander. "The ring is a magic circle which is used to summon the demon." .

"We reported our findings to Lady Ravenwood," said Jerrica Jander. "She led us in the counter chorus to disrupt the casting of the circle."

The play's director, Evo Kemmler and the cast of the play were taken into custody by the Good Bay Longcoats. Most of the cast have been cleared of wrong doing and were released of their own recognizance. Kemmler was revealed to be a cleric of Hiddukel, but escaped custody.

"Alotta People coulda been seriously hurt," said Stonesong, of Hillhome. "If'n we hadna pieced together the nature of that play, that wretch of Hiddukel's coulda caused a heap o trouble with that demon. Thank Bardilun we were successful.

The remaining two performances of the Ring of Broken Promises were promptly cancelled and ticket holders were issued refunds.

The trio received commendations from Both Lady Ravenwood and the Temple of Branchala for their heroic actions and were presented with the esteemed Badge of the Golden Harp, a great honor given by the priests of Branchala.

Adventure Hooks

The bards were successful in halting the summoning of the demon; however Kemmler escaped. It is likely he will try to perform the play again in a less astute town. Lady Ravenwood has begun circulating the word that the play is cursed. The heroes have been tasked with spreading the word in their travels. Such acts are likely to draw the ire of Kemmler.