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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 8
The Palanthas Herald

Town Harassed By Unknown Intruders

by DaemonAngel, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Brookgreen 1, 422 AC

Nightlund - Word has reached the Herald that unseen intruders are harassing a town in Nightlund.

Folks who live in the town of Celaton say that someone is intruding their houses and shops. They describe their furniture or personnel items moved, but nothing has so far turned up missing.

"It always happened when no one's there," spoke Njal Ironfist, a dwarf resident, "Aye, some of us return from our shops and fields to find our homes had been entered and had everything scattered. Others opened their shops in the morning to found that it's happened there to. The only thing we have is when Alsons's daughter came home, she got spooked by movement in the corner of her sight."

So far, there have been no other reliable witnesses and as every house or building has been hit, the local authorities are not sure if the one behind this is even a local.

Sir Balor uth Walton, a knight who recently arrived to restore his family's old estate, has stated that, "Someone here is looking for something, I'm sure, and they are very good at covering their tracks. They certainly know the resident's routines enough not to be caught."

Residents are on edge as neither better locks nor standing guard have been proof against any repeat "visitations." Local authorities are recommending that people be alert to their surroundings.

"Vigilance will help immensely in apprehending these intruders," said Sir Balor. "I urge everyone to be alert and to report any suspicious activity to the nearest town guardsman. Together we will catch these intruders and return peace to Celaton."

Adventure Hook

Knight of the Sword, Sir Balor uth Walton has put the call for help catching the intruder(s). He is also asking for those with any knowledge anyone on the area's history hoping to get a clue on what the intruders are looking for. However, this is difficult as the "perpetual darkness" that started after the Summer of Chaos forced all the previous residents too leave, taking their local knowledge of the area with them decades ago. Everyone living in town and the area are newcomers that came after the War of Souls ended and know very little it's past.