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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Afterwatch Hour falling 20
The Palanthas Herald

Ship Contractor Revealed

by DaemonAngel, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 22, 422 AC

Kalaman - The Herald as finally learned the identity of the group that put up the construction contract for the accused commerce raider.

The shipwright guild released the name of the contractor: The Gnomish Guild of Maritimetravel&hydraulicsandanythingfloatsandmovesonliquid - surfaces Institute.

"You know folks feel about them," the shipwright told the Herald, "We kept the customer identity secret for appearances sake and they were to stay out of sight at lest until the ship was ready. But the false rumor that we were building a raider started and it fell apart from there."

"I'm not sure what I think is worse a ship of cut throats or a ship of gnomes," commented Coruso a local ship-carpenter, "They said they wanted a ship of the best standards we could build and than see how they could improve it. Fine if their money is good, but only if they do there improving somewhere else. Gods be good, it'll far away from here!"

The sheriff's office has confirmed the guild's story about the identity of the contractor as that of a party of gnome inventors, and has stated his intention of keeping an eye on things for safety's sake. However, the source of the rumors and the identity of the arsonist from last week have still not been uncovered.

If anyone knows anything please send word to the Sheriff's main office or the Herald's office new local office located in the northwest corner of Market Square.

Adventure Hook

A gnome, named Gears, is offering a job protecting a shipment of parts due to arrive next week, and the PCs are the first to get the offer.