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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Dark Dwarves Encountered Near Solace

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Deepkolt 17, 422 AC

Solace - Earlier this week a small band of dark dwarves were witnessed in a vicious battle near Solace with a resident of the town.

On Majetag evening as the sun was setting, two farmers who were returning to their homes witnessed a battle between a small band of dwarves and Solace resident Brannock Skullcracker. Skullcracker is a skilled Klar warrior who was trapped outside of Thorbardin when the Kingdom was closed off.

"Me and me wife Berta 'ad just dropped off the last of our grain ta the mill and were heading home," said Georg Hearn, a local farmer. "We'd just crested the little hill south of Crystalmir, when we heard the ringin' of steel on steel, Brannock was surrounded by tother dwarves. It looked like he was 'bout ta get chopped into dogmeat when that tother fella and those kender charged outta the trees. The fella sure swung his sword like he knew how ta use it, wha'smore he weren't afraid at bein' outnumbered and afta near ten of the enemy dwarves were cut down the rest fled."

An investigation into the incident by the Solace sheriff's department revealed the identities of the human and the kender as being Kristoph Brandon, Mercy Bluesky and Devon Twilleagher.

Kristoph Brandon is the former Solamnic Knight who championed Palanthas during the Kender Pilgrimage incident. It was also revealed that the dwarves were Theiwar, dark dwarves from deep in Thorbardin. Since it was only last week Brannock Skullcracker told the Herald that it was unlikely that dark dwarves had formed an alliance with Samuval and now he is fighting with them, we approached the Klar warrior for some clarification on the topic.

"I lied. Simple as that," Brannock Skullcracker told the Herald. "We knew the Theiwar scum 'ad eyes in the town and we didn't want to spook'em 'fore we got ta 'em. With Solace at risk, we needed ta know wha' they were doin' 'ere and 'ow many of them sneak thieves there are."

"Through information we gained from the interrogation of the lone surviving Theiwar, we believe significant numbers of the dark dwarves have allied with the robber baron Samuval," said Roland Walker deputy Sheriff of Solace. "Including many mages." The Theiwar clan of dwarves, unlike most of the other clans has a large number individuals with the talent for magic and coupled with their fierce ambition and ruthless methods, they are highly feared by many people.

When asked how it was possible the Theiwar had managed to get out of the sealed mountain kingdom, Brannock Skullcracker said the following. "There are two main gates that grant access to Thorbardin, but them Theiwar rats always find some tother way out. They did it durin' the War of the Lance and 'pparently they just done it again now."

Adventure Hooks

The captured Theiwar has hinted at a secret weapon the dark dwarves have brought with them, find out what it is.