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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Sirrionite Sanctuary Opens amidst Controversy

by Epoch, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 8, 422 AC

Ironrock - The church of Sirrion has opened its newest, and largest, sanctuary in the village of Ironrock, with opening festivities beginning on Linaras and continuing throughout the week.

"There's no real schedule of events per se," said Firebrand Larisa Keller. "Our rituals and rites are performed as the spirit moves us." Over two thousand pilgrims are estimated to have arrived at the village, with more expected to arrive throughout the week. Not everyone in Ironrock is in the mood for celebration however.

A group of Shinarean clergy has been protesting near the newly-opened sanctuary, claiming the grounds on which the sanctuary now stands are consecrated to Shinare.

"We've detected a faint trace of consecration magic, possibly thousands of years old, which indicate the ground is sacred to Winged Victory." Father David Ritz said. "We hereby call for immediate closure of the Sirrionite sanctuary that stands on what is rightfully our ground." Father Ritz has sent for arbitrators from the Solamnian government to hear his dispute. He said he expects the arbitrators to arrive within a fortnight.

"Father Ritz and his Shinareans want the sanctuary that we built for themselves." Reverend Johnathan Viera of the Sirrionite church responded. "They had ample time to bring any dispute over ownership of the land to the local lords. Also, I think it quite possible that this alleged consecration may be more trickery on the Shinareans' part to try to make a claim on the land."

Reverend Viera was referring to an earlier incident during the construction in which a layman tried to bury a Shinarean vestment in the sanctuary's foundation.

Adventure Hooks

Both sides are pointing fingers at each other accusing them of chicanery; however, a third party may be responsible. Rumors are circulating that Hiddukel has his greasy fingers in this dispute; for what purpose none can say. The heroes might overhear a discussion in the local inn, which leads them to investigate these claims.