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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
First Watch falling 23
The Palanthas Herald

Samuval Lieutenant Implicated In Arson

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 1, 422 AC

Solace - This week Solace's Sheriff uncovered evidence implicating a lieutenant of the robber Baron Samuval as the one behind the town's recent spate of fires.

This past week the investigation of Solace's sheriff Gerard uth Mondar, uncovered evidence implicating one of robber baron Samuval's underlings.

"When Sheriff Mondar returned earlier in the week he had in his possession several examples of handwriting of people close to Samuval including the man himself," said Deputy Sheriff Roland Walker.

"I don't know how he managed to get his hands on them, but he did. Through close examination of the instructions found with the arsonist's possessions, it was easy to see that the handwriting matched one of them."

The documents in question have been examined by an impartial third party and the gnomish experts agree with these conclusions.

"Ruuak Bludfist the Elfbane is what he is called," continued Walker. "The sparse information we get coming out of Samuval's territory is that he is the one who is currently in charge of hunting down and exterminating the elven resistance. Sheriff Mondar believes the reason he has now turned his attention to Solace is because Bludfist believes we are assisting the elves in their attempt to wrest Qualinesti back from it's usurpers. The fact that the elves have refused point blank any and all offers of help seems to have escaped his notice."

Although little information about the battles occurring in the former elven kingdom reaches the town, there has been an increased amount of well used elven arms and armor being sold in the towns market. There is much concern among the townsfolk that things are not going well for elves.

"I feel so sorry for the Qualinesti," said Jodie Winger, a local cleric of Mishakal. "If only they would let us help them, even it is nothing more than supplying food, clothing and medicine. Their pride, however refuses even these most simple of kindnesses."

"The haughty pointy ears brought this on themselves, they have no else to blame," said Marc Lucas, a tanner.

"The fight in Qualinesti is elven business and elven business alone," said Aldinaar Rominar, a well armed elf passing through the town told the Herald.

For much of his time since his return to Solace, Sheriff Mondar has been meeting with Mayor Palin Majere and the leader of the local Steel Legionnaire cell, Brigit Silvermane. Unconfirmed rumors circulating through the treetop town says that Solace will soon face a full scale assault by Samuval's forces, however there has been little evidence of any gathering of troops.

Adventure Hooks

The elves need help fighting Samuval, if you can convince them to let you! Is Samuval going to attack Solace? Palin Majere is hiring people to find an answer to this question.