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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 4
The Palanthas Herald

Caergoth Lions Purify Their Ranks

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Deepkolt 1, 422 AC

Caergoth - A retired Caergoth Lion rallied the mercenary company this week, in order to purge the corruption from their ranks.

Former Caergoth Lion, Mistress Irene Luther a famous servant of Shinare returned to the city to help purge the corruption from the troubled mercenary company. With her assistance, the Caergoth Militia was able to identify the members of the company that the traitor Bradley Smith had introduced.

"This Smith has very little imagination," said Mistress Luther. "All the individuals he hired were disreputable lowlifes, street thugs and cutthroats. He seems to have plumbed the depths of Caergoth's thieves' guild for his new recruits. It was relatively easy for us to round up these pretenders."

Early Majetag morning led by Mistress Luther, the true Caergoth Lions swept through the city, collecting almost all of the untrustworthy members. Mostly the criminal members tried to flee, but there was sporadic fighting as some cornered individuals engaged the Lions. The most serious of these incidents occurred at the Lions Guildhall on Tanner Avenue.

"Seventeen of the fake Lions had barricaded themselves in," Brad Vale of the Caergoth Militia told the Herald. "Together Mistress Luther, three of the Lions lieutenants and myself stormed building. I have never seen anything like it, I've heard the stories of her prowess of course, but until now I did not truly believed them. She shattered the thick oak door with just a single blow of her empty hand. She dodged arrows and sword blades with equal ease, before taking out several foes decked out in heavy armor. And she did all this when she is over sixty years old!"

Mistress Luther left Caergoth the following morning leading a small band of trusted Lions intent on bringing the man responsible for the current troubles, Bradley Smith. "I will not allow this reprobate to sully the honor of the Caergoth Lions and get away with it. I swear to Silver Mistress, Shinare, that I will bring him in or die trying."

Adventure Hooks

The Caergoth Lions are offering a generous reward for the capture of the criminal Lions who escaped their sweep through Caergoth. Mistress Luther needs additional help in finding and bringing in Bradley Smith.