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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 12
The Palanthas Herald

Concern For White Robe Grows

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Newkolt 25, 422 AC

Caergoth - The friends and family of Kandyse Eldar are growing anxious as all efforts to locate the young White Robe fail.

As the investigations into the Caergoth Lions continues with more evidence coming to light about the illegal and immoral activities one of their most prominent members Bradley Smith, concern for the safety of young white robe Kandyse Eldar grows. Bradley Smith hand picked a crew of Lions to escort the wizard to ruins she believes may be those of the tower of the Magius.

Eldar has sent a message showing she suspects Smith isn't what he seems to her superiors at Wayreth. With their permission we are printing it below.


Our journey began well enough, the weather was fine, our horses fresh and Bradley's company was as delightful and charming as ever. We covered a great distance the first few days and I thought things were going well, even though many of the guards Bradley had picked were crude, vulgar brutes who spent more time leering at me than watching for danger.

However things changed last week with the arrival of a messenger. The man had ridden his horse close to death, in an effort to catch us, but he seemed very hesitant to approach when he did. When I saw Brad's reaction to his news I understood why, Brad's punch sent two of the man's teeth flying. Never before had I seen Brad angry, in truth he seemed another man.

Later when I asked what was wrong, he rambled on about the Caergoth Militia capturing those responsible for my attack. He added that they'd escaped and were now pursuing us, with the express purpose of killing me, To stay ahead of these "killers" Brad has set a brutal pace, we rise well before sunrise and continue well into the early night. It was only when we lost two horses, did our pace slow somewhat.

In the early days of our journey, I spent most of my time in Brad's company. At night around the fire, he would regale me with stories of his daring deeds and dashing heroism, all of which I now believe to be lies. Since the message arrived, Brad's demeanour has darkened becoming morose and I have found myself spending much of my time with Hadrian Half-Elven ,the ranger I hired as guide.

I will be honest and say I didn't think much of the man when we first met. He was slight and silent, with a decidedly ill-kept appearance, which I have since learnt was because he had been brawling with brigands who'd tried to rob him. I now fully realise just how mistaken first impression can be, his intense eyes see everything and in his chest beats a noble heart. I believe Hadrian may well be the only true friend I have amongst those who accompany me.

Kandyse Eldar

The Wizards have been unsuccessful in their attempts to warn Eldar of the danger she is in.

Adventure Hooks

The conclave assigns the characters the job of finding and rescuing Kandyse Eldar from Smith's clutches.