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Kirinor, 23rd day of Gildember, 432 AC
Second Watch falling 15
The Palanthas Herald

Mage-Duel Investigation Findings Released.

by Aelfwyn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Newkolt 25, 422 AC

Palanthas - Donovas Kithlinor, lead investigator and representative for both the Wizards of High Sorcery and the Speaker of the Sun and Stars Gilthas Pathfinder, released his findings in the investigation of the odd battle between two elven mages apparently over documents stolen from the Great Library of Palanthas.

"It is the conclusion of our team that, in fact, no mage-duel took place at all," said Kithlinor in a shocking statement released to the Herald a full two weeks after leaving Palanthas. "The mysterious disappearance of the slain mage's body as well as a lack of damage to the buildings, streets and structures as reported by witnesses and typical of magical battles all supports our findings. In addition, there is no evidence of an arcane nature to substantiate the claim of the witnesses. There are certain tools at our disposal that would allow us to sense whether any spells have been cast within a defined vicinity, identify the nature of said spells, and, to some degree, identify the caster. All evidence, or the lack of it, suggests no magical activity took place.

"That is not to say that the witnesses imagined the event. On the contrary, I suspect that the witnesses were subject to a powerful illusion created by a practitioner of primal sorcery. Though there is no evidence thus far, this is a theory that I have formulated based upon the rise in wild magic activity. These renegades, who spurn the laws of magic as lain down by the gods themselves, are a danger to everyone they come in contact with. I have personally appealed to the head of our Order to put an end to the menace of Wild Sorcery in any way she deems appropriate."

Needless to say, officials from the Great Library are none too pleased with Kithlinor's report even though it seems to concur with what their own investigation has yielded. "We took a closer look at the tombs from which the stolen documents were taken," said Aesthetic Mirim Silvermorn. "The discoloration on the torn page fragments indicates the pages were removed centuries ago."

Silvermorn also said that the events that she saw are becoming hazy in her mind. "It feels as if it all happened in a dream, or long, long ago. But it couldn't have. I saw what happened. Others did too. I just don't understand."

Despite a seeming agreement in the two investigations, Silvermorn is suspicious of Kithlinor's findings. "Its all too easy to blame sorcerers for this. That and the delay in the release of their information. They left Palanthas more than two weeks ago. It just makes me think, despite all the good he has done in his life, Donovas is hiding something. There is something either the mages or the elves or both do not want us to know."

And there is still the question of the mysterious words that were spoken by the White Robe just before he died. Witnesses reported hearing him say, "I have failed. The Nath-Elojim have returned." As to the meaning of the words, Silvermorn was able to identify it in part. "It is actually pronounced 'N'ath El-ojim'. It's an ancient elvish phrase that means 'The Gift of the Gods'. But as to what or who it refers and why a White Robe should fear it so, I have no idea."

Every answer seems to lead to more questions. However, this reporter has recently been informed that the reclusive Adonaias Elvandar, who has been financing the Library's investigation and even hired a group of adventurers to locate the stolen pages, has agreed to an exclusive interview with the Herald. Rumors abound that the missing documents have been recovered and are being held by Elvandar. Donovas Kithlinor was asked if he thought the rumors were true and it elicited this response. "If Elvandar has these pages he will turn them over to me immediately. Not only could they provide valuable information pertaining to the case, but they could be of inestimable value to the elven people."

Whether he has them or not, perhaps Elvandar will be able to shed some light on all these questions.

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Donovas is obviously hiding something. Was primal sorcery responsible for the illusion or is he letting his own prejudice cloud his judgment?