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Kirinor, 16th day of Gildember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Mishakites Sponsor Toys for Kids

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Misham, Frostkolt 25, 421 AC

Palanthas -The Church of Mishakal is sponsoring for the first time ever a toy drive to help families in Palanthas. This drive will center on providing small gifts to families who in need and is expected to collect nearly 2000 donated gifts to be redistributed among those who will have little during the Yule season.

"We felt that there were so many families who had nothing out there," stated Reverend Sister Martha Tolston. "So many here in Palanthas have so much to offer and yet many don't know what to do with their gifts."

The drive began after last Yule season when several wealthier citizens of Palanthas attempted to give clothes and gifts to local folks. This resulted in a small riot as the gifts were demanded by many, and those who were trying to help folks ended up receiving a few cuts and bruises. As the Temple of Miskakal treated folks they wondered if they could prevent a future incident.

"We just were saddened last Yule season when the people came in," continued Tolston. "It was decided last spring to start this drive and so far we have received a positive response from the community and in fact one company, the Garnet Mining Company, has donated their employees' time to help deliver the items to the needy."

The Garnet Mining Company decided to join forces with the Church of Mishakal after several of their employees approached the church with carved wooden toys. Many of their members had dealt with the poor and underclass of Palanthas and felt that they could provide some of the labor for the Church of Miskakal when others would turn their back on the bleak holidays of some families.

"I had so many employees working on things during breaks, that it only seemed natural," commented Garnet Mining Company Manager Reghar Firehammer. "I approached a couple of the lads and asked them what they were doing and they explained it to me. I then got into contact with the Reverend Daughter and we decided to promote this together. So far me employees have donated nearly 500 toys for kids."

It was through the discussions between the Church and the Garnet Mining Company that the name for the drive was decided to be Toys for Kids. For those wishing to donate or to see if they qualify for a gift from the group please contact the Reverend Sister Martha Tolston, or Garnet Mining Company Manager Reghar Firehammer.