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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Warring Giants Stall Sea Traffic

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Misham, Frostkolt 25, 421 AC

Ankatavaka – Two warring giants and their diminutive minions have stalled traffic in the southern Straits of Algoni,

According to several sea traders along the Straits of Algoni, sea traffic was brought to a virtual standstill on Misham due to attacks being exchanged between two giants, one based on Southern Ergoth, near the Blade, and the other near Ankatavaka.

"My ship suffered severe damage when I tried to sail through the barrage of missiles," said Arthur Bass, captain of the Jules Rankin, a merchant ship which regularly plies the water of the Straits. "From Southern Ergoth I saw an Ice Giant lobbing ice missiles with a catapult, but on the Ankatavaka side of the Straits I saw a fire giant shooting fire arrows from several ballistae. I don't know what they are fighting about, but innocent victims are getting caught in their crossfire."

According to records kept at the Temple of Gilean, the conflict between the giants has been waged annually for nearly fifty years and always on the same day - Frostkolt 24th.

"The annual battle between the Tzars of Fire and Ice dates back to the end of the Chaos War," said Garvin Sokhet, Master of Time for the Temple of Gilean. "When the gods departed, Schnee the Tzar of Ice took up residence on Southern Ergoth intending to freeze the Straits and create a frozen sea. This didn't set well with his brother Feuer the Tzar of Fire, who wanted the sea kept as is. History doesn't tell what happened to cause the two brothers to only fight once a year, but it must have been big."

Despite the information obtained from the Church of Gilean, sailors along the Straits found cold comfort amid flaring tempers.

"I have time sensitive merchandise on my ship," said Bass. "It'll take a week to effect repairs and by that time most of my merchandise will be ruined. Why the gods created two such as the Tzar Brothers I'll have no idea.

Bass's sentiments were echoed by those of the other stranded vessels.

Kristopher Pikeman First Mate of the Wayfarer said, "It was bad enough when we had to contend with the Gale and the minions of the White Dragon. We have paying customers aboard and ever day we're delayed that's less profit for us."

Sokhet urged the sailors inconvenienced by the battle just to be patient.

"This is an annual event," said Sokhet. "I can promise you that by Dark Watch tonight, the battle will be over and the sea traffic will be allowed to continue unhindered."