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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Signing of Inglewood Pact Marred by Violence

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Frostkolt 16, 421 AC

Plains of Dust - This past week saw the signing of the Inglewood Pact, an historic agreement to continue the fight of Inglewood and all races and nations against the tyrant of the swamp, Venom; however it was marred by violence agianst the hongoblin delegate.

This past Misham in a solemn ceremony, the representatives of the various factions that contributed to the defence of Inglewood, signed a pact agreeing to continue their support until Venom was dead. The historic agreement saw disparate races and nations, some bitter enemies, agree to work together in furtherance of a common goal.

"I can't express the heartfelt gratitude of the townsfolk on this occasion," said Pyihr Ramdir Inglewood town mayor.

"We would not have survived the recent occupation without the generous aid and the sacrifices of these allies. If they left now, Inglewood certainly would be living on borrowed time."

"It is my hope that this cooperative effort will lead to things even greater than the defeat of a single foe, even one as formidable as Venom" said the Kingfisher, Captain of the Ashaynnth and representative of the elves. "The diversity of peoples within Inglewood is like no other place on Ansolon. It still amazes me, that not only do elf and minotaur walk side by side in this town, they also fight side-by-side. Maybe, just maybe, we can come to realise how we are similar and at the same time learn to appreciate our differences."

The happy occasion was marred by the assault of a young hobgoblin named Jimena. Recently singled out as a natural magical talent, the young hobgoblin had been signed up as the first student of the school of High Sorcery being built within the town.

"Ever since the construction began shortly after the siege was broken," Ayndion Half-Elven, a veteran of the town militia and witness to the attack told the Herald. "Jimena had been rising before dawn each day to journey to the new school. There she would watch with delight as the mages harnessed the first light of the new day to lay the foundations. It was early the day of the signing when three masked individuals ruthlessly assaulted her, clubbing her mercilessly all the while shouting insults. Me and my patrol came running and I managed to put a shaft in one as they fled, but still they somehow managed to elude us."

Jimena was treated at the scene by the local Mishakalite, making a full recovery, even managing to make school site in time to watch the spellcasting. Romak es Conlyn, commander of the minotaur forces, volunteered to head the investigation into the incident. The Captain whose life was recently saved by a hobgoblin, even went so far as to swear an oath to his God - Kiri-Jolith, to find the ones responsible. It is believed because of the things said during the attack, that it was racially motivated, that the ones involved don't want hobgoblins in their town and most especially don't want hobgoblins learning magic.

Adventure Hooks

This assault demonstrates there is hidden resentment about the hobgoblins living the community. Find and capture the three attackers to discover the extent of this racial discord and if there is more behind it.