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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Assassins Duel Across Palanthas

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Frostkolt 16, 421 AC

Palanthas - This past week two assassins, Lady Harriet Walter and the mysterious Shayd, fought across the length of the city.

This past Kirinor night the troubled city of Palanthas was witness to a series of fast, brutal encounters as the renegade noble, Lady Harriet Walter clashed violently with the mysterious assassin Shayd. The first incident was in an a dock tavern, what exactly happened is unclear as most of the patrons of that establishment fast disappeared.

"The first thing my patrol and I saw was a slim cloaked figure bolting out of that dive 'The Drunken Dragon'," said young Manfred Renin of the Palanthas Guard. "There was a strong wind blowing in off the bay and it swept off her hood revealing Lady Walter. Before we could even draw our weapons, another cloaked person burst through the doors a kukri each hand. Lady Walter dismissed us with barely a glance. Her hands moving so fast they were a blur, tossed throwing stars at the one pursuing her. This cloaked person kept coming, just stepping around the stars or knocking them aside with his blades, not a one hitting him."

According to witnesses, Lady Walter disappeared into the darkness, Shayd following close behind. Though the guard received numerous reports of angry voices, clashing weapons and shadowy prowlers from across the city, the pair of assassins weren't seen again until the final encounter near where the Tower of High Sorcery once stood.

"Some Steel Legionnaires and I were investigating rumours that the Blue Partisans were tapping into the residual energies left behind when the Tower was moved," Morris Sheppard, told the Herald. "And that was how they produced last weeks storm, when the two showed up. I've never seen a draconian of that type, he had dull black scales with horns that swept forward from the sides of his head. I'm told sages refer to this sub-species as Venom draconians and that they are very rare. Shayd had several wounds, but then so did Walter and both looked exhausted."

"Unfortunately Shayd had fallen into a trap, Walter had stationed some flunkies nearby to ambush the assassin. They came swarming out from the dead trees of the Shoikan grove, it was pretty obvious he wouldn't last long. It wasn't a hard choice, we attacked Walter and her cronies and faced with even numbers she and her cowardly wretches soon fled."

Shayd had made hisescape by the time City Guardsmen arrived on the scene.

"I am no longer a part of the Guard," concluded Sheppard. "I was under no obligations to bring in Shayd and even if I was, I probably would've come down with a bad case of sprained ankle or something similar."

Adventure Hooks

Both Lady Walter and Shayd are tired and injured, anyone wanting to capture either individual might find it easier at the moment.