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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Waking Hour rising 27
The Palanthas Herald

45 Dead in Magical Storm

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 8, 421 AC

Palanthas – A severe thunderstorm swept across Palanthas on Palast eve that killed forty-five people and injured dozens more.

The storm rolled in off the Bay of Branchala just after Late Watch. It brought with it high winds and sheets of driving rain. Many streets of Palanthas flooded from the downpour, but it was the strange black lightning generated by the storm that caused the most damage.

After the storm abated, forty-five people were discovered to have perished; dozens more were injured, some of them critically. Buildings all over Palanthas were damaged by the storm.

"I examined many of the dead," said Marilar Drogen, Prefect of Mishakal of the Halls of Healing told the Herald. "Most of them I recognized as being members of the disbanded Senate." Of the many others who sustained injuries in the storm, Prefect Drogen stated that they seemed to have relatively minor injuries in comparison, although a few were in critical condition. "Why the storm would deliberately single out the former senators, I can't say."

An examination of the buildings damaged in the storm by the City Guard revealed that the houses belonging to the former senators were the hardest hit. Several witnessed reported seeing the Golden Spire struck repeatedly by the black lightning, but sustaining no damage.

"It's damned odd," said Heyman Gallah of the City Guard. "The houses of the senators were blackened and charred on the outside; almost like they attracted that weird black lightning, but other houses were barely touched. And the Golden Spire? If you can believe what I was told, then it should be a melted pile of slag, but it isn't. What possible reason would cause lightning to behave like that?"

Argonia Thistlethorn, Master of the Elements for the Temple of Chislev at Greenwood Manor commented on the nature of the storm.

"The storm that struck Palanthas last night was not natural," she said. "The storm was laced with the energies of death. It had a strong aura of necromancy about it. Chiclev wept at the perversion of such a natural phenomena."

Thistlethorn's comments seem to support the findings of Prefect Drogen.

"After examining all the bodies, I can honestly say it seems as if the life force was sucked out of them," said Drogen. "Those directly struck by the lightning fared the worst and appear to be nothing more than blackened skeletal husks."

Rumors are already spreading around the city as to the cause of the storm. Most seek to lay the blame for the storm at the feet of the Blue Partisans. The Blue Partisans remained in the palace during and after the storm and have declined to comment, rendering them guilty in the eyes of many Palanthans.

"Those blue-robed devils are to blame," said Samwirth Peatman, a local peat cutter. "They couldn't leave well enough alone, now they are dinking around with the weather. I hope the rebels take them out real soon."

Adventure Hooks

Who or what caused the storm that swept over Palanthas? Did the Blue Partisans have something to do with it? It would seem so since the Golden Spire seemed to attract the black lighting and those hardest hit were former members of the Palanthas Senate. What went on in the Golden Spire last night? Whatever it was bodes ill for the people of Palanthas and rebel forces in particular. The heroes have to find out.