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Kirinor, 23rd day of Gildember, 432 AC
Second Watch falling 17
The Palanthas Herald

Mages Arrive from Wayreth to Investigate Theft at Great Library

by Aelfwyn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 8, 421 AC

Palanthas - Investigators from the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth arrived late Lunaris and have spent the past several days going over every inch of ground outside of the Great Library searching for clues as to the identity of the two magic-wielding elves that fought over documents stolen from ancient tomes. The battle resulted in the death of one and the escape of the other. In addition, it was reported a week later that the body of the slain elf had disappeared.

This investigation is separate from the one headed up by Aesthetic Mirim Silvermorn and is led by a White Robe elven mage by the name of Donovas Kithlinor, the headmaster of the only known elven school of magic that survived the Summer of Chaos. "They've pretty much taken over the investigation," Silvermorn told the Herald. "We expected only a written response from the Towers and here they've sent a whole team. I know of Master Donovas. He's accomplished much for the elven people."

Kithlinor was unavailable for comment for several days but this Majetag he interrupted his work to make this comment to the Herald: "The notoriety of the events which took place here has stirred great interest in both the elven community and at the Towers of High Sorcery. I was chosen to represent both here. The Dark Knights hunted elven mages almost to extinction in the years following Chaos and very few remain with the kind of power displayed here. Of those, I either know of or have personally trained nearly every one and none match the description of the combatants given by the witnesses." When asked what role Adonaias Elvandar will play in the investigation Kithlinor seemed to tense. "We will get to the bottom of this without the help of Elvandar and his illicit ilk."

As reported earlier, Adonaias Elvandar, a reclusive but wealthy elven merchant living in Caergoth, has been funding the Great Library's own investigation. "He's been very generous, supplying us resources to hire investigators," said Silvermorn. "He is of dubious reputation among some elves, however. It is rumored he made much of his wealth from piracy and racketeering. But all of that, as I said, is only rumor." As to what his interest in the case could be, no one can say. Elvandar has been unavailable for comment.

It had been speculated that both mages involved in the theft could have been what the elves term 'Dark Elves', outcasts due to the commission of some egregious crime, but Kithlinor rejected that notion. "As I said, I know of every elven mage in good standing with the Order regardless of their standing within elven society. The fact they wore robes of the Orders indicates they were not typical renegades." When asked if wild sorcery could have been involved Kithlinor replied, "I'll not rule out that abomination until my investigation is complete, though it would not surprise me. Since the time of Chaos these primal sorcerers have been terrorizing honest folk across Ansalon. It is high time the Order did something about them."

Kithlinor also claimed not to know who or what the Nath Elojim, mentioned by the dying white robe, were. "I've never heard that term before. If you'll excuse me there is still much work to be done." With more questions than answers it may be some while before we have a full understanding of just what occurred here.

Adventure Hooks

Is simple curiosity driving Kithlinor or is it something else? Who or what is the Nath Elojim? And, what is Adonaias Elvandar's interest in the investigation?