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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch rising 12
The Palanthas Herald

Hobgoblin Hero Laid to Rest

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Frostkolt 1, 421 AC

Plains of Dust - After last weeks victory the defenders of Inglewood came together to honour a fallen hero.

This past Kirinor the defenders of Inglewood gathered together to farewell a fallen hero. Inglewood a small merchant town on the edge of the great swamp, recently survived a siege by the forces of Venom, the daughter of the late dragon Overlord, Onsablet. Various races, nations and organisations having formed an alliance and supplied troops to help stem the growing power of Venom, added their strength to the defence of the town.

Amongst the defenders that call Inglewood home are a tribe of lizard-like Bakali and a tribe of goblins. One of the many who died during last weeks battle was the pre-eminent warrior of the goblin tribe, the hobgoblin, Anrak Broketooth. Also known as Anrak the Maul for the great warhammer he wielded, the champion died saving the life of the minotaur Captain Romak es Conlyn.

At sunset, the entire population of the town, including the visiting troops, gathered in the town's central plaza to witness the lighting of the hero's funeral pyre. "We are here to honour the life of a hobgoblin," said The Kingfisher, elven freedom fighter and the Captain of The Ashaynnth. "Anrak the Maul was slayer of Olric Gildenclaw, the aurak wizard and one of the company that brought down the ogre titan Fruegarth the Vicious. Anrak was a truly formidable warrior, as these deeds testify, but he was an even greater soul. He willingly sacrificed his life to save that of a companions. Romak es Conlyn is a minotaur and goblin tradition says that minotaurs are natural enemies. So we are left to ask why he gave his life to save Romak's."

"Anrak had learnt a lesson we should all learn, that it wrong to judge person by their race. Let us instead judge a persons actions, let the light or dark in their heart and soul, define who and what they are. This is the truth revealed to us by Anrak's sacrifice and let us never forget it or him."

"It was then that the goblin shaman began to sing in her guttural tongue, melancholy yet somehow proud too," said William Avondale, commander of the Ergothian cavaliers. "Anrak's young son Kromak, strode forward bearing a torch burning a brilliant blue and lit the pyre. All the goblins then took up the song, the flames seeming to dance in time with it. The fire burnt fast and before long the pyre collapsed. Miraculously, the blue flames, in the shape of a bird with flaring wings, took to the sky and soared heavenward. I asked the shaman about that and she said that it was a mark of favour from their god, Blue Phoenix."

In other Inglewood news, the alliance has sent explorative expeditions into the great swamp to investigate the state of affairs in the wake of the disintegration of the besieging army. A council meeting is scheduled for early next to discuss further plans.

Adventure Hooks

Information is needed about what is going on in the great swamp, is Inglewood's danger still great?