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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Dark Knight Embassy to Be Established in Gaarlus

by Heine Stick, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Darkember 26, 421 AC

Solamnia - The Knights of Neraka have started negotiations with the mayor of Gaarlus, hoping to be granted permission to construct an embassy in the city, thus establishing a diplomatic link between the city and the much-hated knighthood.

The surprising announcement was made last Misham in the councilhall of Gaarlus. According to sources present at the preliminary negotiations, Lord Baynuss, mayor of Gaarlus, and several influential local merchants represented the city in the preliminary talks while Marshal of the Skull Eigar Bloodworth represented the Knights of Neraka.

"I never thought I'd see the day when our leaders actually sat down to have a chat with the knighthood that had oppressed the people of this town for decades," said one source. "From what I could gather, the atmosphere in the meeting was very friendly indeed."

The Knights of Neraka hope to establish a diplomatic link with Gaarlus and the rest of Solamnia. The embassy, if established, will serve as a base of operations for the diplomatic corps of the Knights of Neraka operating in Solamnia. According to Marshal of the Skull Eigar Bloodsworth, the embassy will also provide Knights of Neraka with a safe haven in a hostile land.

"Ever since the Knights of Solamnia threw the nation into chaos with their so-called war of liberation, my fellow knights have been targeted by the people of Solamnia, convenient scapegoats blamed for everything that was, and still is, wrong in the region, despite the obvious fact that the forces of 'good' are truly to blame for every bad thing that happened to the people of Solamnia since that fateful day more than four centuries ago." said Marshal Bloodsworth.

"We hope that news of our negotiations here reaches the ears of our brothers and that they travel to Gaarlus where they will find a safe haven. The initial negotiations with the good mayor went well and I'm very optimistic. The citizens of Gaarlus have suffered enough in the years since Jaymes Markham brought the region under his brutal thumb and diplomatic relations between Gaarlus and Neraka will help them prosper."

It may seem ludicrous to some that the citizens of Gaarlus would ever accept a Nerakan presence in their city but according to several locals, the idea of Dark Knights roaming their streets is not so bad.

"'Emperor' Markham and the fat nobles of Palanthas have done nothing for us!" said local miller Frista Griims. "When last season's crops failed, we received no help from Palanthas. When the Marauder Plague raged last fall, we were left to our own devices. He cares for nothing but himself and I'll be glad to welcome the Dark Knights to Gaarlus!" Many Gaarlusians echo miller Griims' views. It seems that the Dark Knights' oppression of Gaarlus a mere decade ago has been all but forgotten.