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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
First Watch falling 7
The Palanthas Herald

Halliwell Replaced as Head of Blue Partisans

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Darkember 26, 421 AC

Palanthas – In a surprising turn of events Emperor Markham today stripped Grayson Halliwell of his duties as Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans.

In his first public appearance in nearly a month, Emperor Markham, flanked by half a dozen staff wielding members of the Blue Partisans, announced today on the steps of the Palace the removal of Halliwell as Monitor Prime.

"Grayson Halliwell, is immediately and henceforth removed as Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans," said Emperor Markham much to the shock and awe of those gathered.

The Emperor Markham making the announcement is of course the pretender to the thrown that has thrown the city into chaos for several months. Rebel forces throughout the city continue to attempt to unseat him from the Palace including the real Jaymes Markham and Lady Coryn.

When pressed for details, Markham said, "Evidence has been uncovered that Halliwell turned against his sworn duty when he allowed wanted criminals to both penetrate the Golden Spire and slay one of his cohorts, but also when he released the criminal leader of the Palanthas Spears without my approval."

According to those gathered, Markham wasted no time in naming a replacement for Halliwell.

"Though my trust in Halliwell seems to have been misplaced," said Markham. "I have no doubts as to the loyalty of the man I have chosen to replace him. Effecive immediately Haloran Karnifex is the new Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans."

Some may remember Karnifex as the supposed renegade hunter who was sent by the Orders of High Sorcery to keep watch on Halliwell and his conspirators at their mind reading trial. He vanished from the public eye a few days after Halliwell and company escaped.

"This is terrible news," said Henrad Winestaff, a white-robed wizard serving as magical liason to the Palanthas Merchants Guild. "Karnifex was dismissed from the ranks of the Renegade Hunters after Halliwell escaped his trial. He narrowly avoided being branded a renegade himself. He has been showing up less and less to Conclave meetings of late, causing many to doubt his loyalty to the Conclave. I guess we now know why."

Witnesses say Karnifex said nothing when he was announced by Emperor Markham, but they noted that instead of the traditional blue hooded cloak of the partisans, Karnifex instead had a series of strange markings tattooed in blue ink on his face.

"Grayson Halliwell will be held pending the results of a trial by his peers," said Emperor Markham. "His brethern within the Blue Partisans shall decide his fate."

Adventure Hooks

Halliwell is no longer Monitor Prime. A new relatively unknown figure has taken over. The rebels have a great opportunity here to learn about the inner workings of the Blue Partisans, if they can somehow free Halliwell and convince him to help their cause. Security will be tight. The Partisans will likely be expecting such a move.