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Misham, 19th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Fourth Watch falling 12
The Palanthas Herald

Inglewood Gambit Results in Victory

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Darkember 26, 421 AC

Plains of Dust - This week the Inglewood Alliance which had seemed disintegrated, re-emerged to deliver Venom's forces a huge defeat.

The armies laying siege to the small town of Inglewood, who serve Venom, Tyrant of the Swamp, began a major offensive this past Palast at sunrise.

"The enemy had been working on tunnels to undermine the eastern wall for three days," said Pyir Ramdir, Inglewood's mayor. "We had however anticipated this and had our own allies down their waiting to meet them. Last year we hired a small clan of Klar stonemasons, the Skullcrackers, to oversee the expansion of the walls, These Klar rigged them to collapse atop of Venoms sappers."

Ballistae and archers were awaiting the invaders, including the elves and battle mages which had supposedly departed last week.

"The enemy charged into our trap when the wall fell," said Ayndion Half-Elven, commander of Inglewood's archers. "The battle mages, seeded the intervening ground with spells - sticky spidery webs, ropes that tangle the feet, turning solid ground into the mud and the like. They slowed to a crawl, our arrows mowed them down."

"The road to the east gate was left purposefully spell free," said William Avondale, commander of the Ergothian cavaliers. "The arrows and spells funnelled the enemy troops into that narrow approach. Once they were within spitting distance we charged. The Sanction spearmen followed behind, and when our momentum stalled, we fell back behind the safety of their interlocked shields. The spearmen took the brunt of the attack until our horses were ready for another charge. This time we didn't retreat, we had to hold their attention to enable the strike force time to reach the enemy generals from behind."

The strike force consisted of the minotaur skirmishers who had supposedly left and Inglewood's hobgoblin warriors. At it's head were the elven freedom fighter the Kingfisher, Captain Romak es Conlyn commander of the skirmishers, Anrak Broketooth hobgoblin warrior and Ryva Sienna the most powerful warmage.

"Last week we staged the disintegration of the Alliance in an effort to make Venom overconfident and attack," the Kingfisher told the Herald. "We were worried that if the siege dragged out, the alliance really would crumble. We moved fast and were through to the commanders, who were still focused on the battle, before they knew what hit them. We had little information on the commanders, but I was not at all surprised to find several large hobgoblins and half-ogres sporting helmets with large minotaur horns, obviously the ones who attacked me."

"We were not amused," continued Captain Conlyn. "I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was so focused on killing the impostors, I didn't see the sorcerer. The wretch would've killed me with his lightening, but Anrak leapt in front taking the hit. Here I was cursing all hobgoblins, when one gives his life to save mine."

With the enemy commanders gone, the army routed back into the swamp, leaving Inglewood and it's allies to mourn their losses.

Adventure Hooks

The entire length of the eastern wall has collapsed, Inglewood will be in need of protection from raiders from the swamp.