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Bracha, 21st day of Reapember, 432 AC
Morning Watch rising 15
The Palanthas Herald

Body of Elf Slain in Mage-Duel Disappears

by Aelfwyn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Darkember 16, 421 AC

Palanthas - The body of the white-robed elven mage slain in last Kirinor's violent mage-duel has disappeared.

Mirim Silvermorn witnessed the events that led, not only to the elf's demise, but also to the theft of several historical documents pertaining to the ancient elven race. "We were all pretty shaken up," she said. "We went back into the Library to see if any damage had occurred assuming the authorities would clean up the mess outside. When we came out again it was like nothing had happened. We thought the authorities had claimed the body."

Unfortunately, no one has been able to confirm ever seeing the body removed. Officials from the Temple of Mishakal, who arrived at the scene a full half hour after it occurred, were too late. "Someone must have absconded with it pretty quick," said Acolyte Michael uth Torridor. "The strange thing is, none of the witnesses seem to have seen anyone anywhere near the deceased. It's like it just vanished."

To add to the unusual nature of these events, uth Torridor said he could find no physical evidence that an altercation had occurred at all. "I am no mage, mind you, but it seems there should be some kind of debris or scorch marks or something to indicate a battle took place. There just isn't."

Word has been sent to both the Conclave of Wizards in Wayreth and to the Court of the Speaker of the Sun and Stars Gilthas Pathfinder including descriptions to try and ascertain the identity of both elven mages involved in the incident. Aesthetic Mirim Silvermorn, however, will not be waiting for a response. "More important than the question of who these two were is the question of why they did it and what was taken. The damage that was done, the sacrilege that has occurred, cannot be left unanswered for. I will be heading up the Library's investigation into these events."

Silvermorn is very determined to find answers. An elven scribe from the former Kingdom of Qualinesti, she came to the Great Library following the Summer of Chaos. "I came here to get away from all the political games and turmoil in my former homeland. I guess the effects of recent history on the elven people are far reaching indeed."

Silvermorn has sent out notices for adventurers willing to aid in the investigation. It is unclear at moment just whom that will be, but sources indicate that the reclusive elven merchant and sometime philanthropist, Adonaias Elvandar of Caergoth, has mysteriously agreed to finance the investigation.