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Bakukal, 20th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Evening Watch rising 22
The Palanthas Herald

High Level Partisan Slain; Mystery Deepens.

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Darkember 9, 421 AC

Palanthas – One of the upper echelon leaders of the Blue Partisans has been slain, but his death only creates more questions as to who is really pulling the strings of the Blue Partisans.

If reports are to be believed Monitor Adjutant James Rheidar was killed in the Golden Spire.

Rheidar is one of the former Solamnic Auxiliary mages who stood accused of violating the Senate's ban on mind reading in Palanthas. He along with the Monitor Prime, Grayson Halliwell and several other Auxiliary mages used mind reading magic in an attempt to prevent crimes before they occurred. He was to stand trial, but disappeared from his trial the same day Halliwell and a third co-conspirator did.

"I had just delivered breakfast to the Monitor Adjutant when they stepped out of no-where," said a palace servant who asked not to be identified. "It was that man that the Partisans call the Assassin and Lady Coryn. My heart leapt with joy to see them, even though I knew it was a dark deed they were there to perform."

According to the unnamed servant, the Assassin, whom everyone know suspects to be none other than Jaymes Markham himself, and the White Lady appeared in the Golden Spire as if by magic and quickly dispatched Rheidar.

"The Monitor Adjutant reacted quickly and began to cast some sort of spell, but it died on his lips," said the servant. "Emperor Markham was quicker on the draw and whipped two crossbows from under his cloak and fired both of them quicker than the Monitor Adjutant could speak. Both bolts found their marks in the Monitor Adjutants chest. He dropped instantly, and then things got really quiet."

It is believed by some mages in the rebellion that Lady Coryn created a cone of silence to muffle any noise.

"The Monitor Adjutant didn't die right away," said the servant. "Blood gurgled out of his mouth from his wounds, but for a few brief seconds his eyes glowed brilliant blue and I distinctly heard him say, "Fools, the Blue Partisans are but a mere gust of wind. I am but His eyes. Soon you shall feel the full force of the Gale." Then the light faded from his eyes and he died."

The servant reports that after the Monitor Adjutant died, Lady Coryn and Emperor Markham examined the body.

"On the back of his neck, the found some sort of blue scale," said the servant. They must have figured it wouldn't be safe for me to go back down stairs after what I'd witnessed so they took me with them. One minute we're in the Golden Spire the next in the Song of Life. "Emperor Markham looked directly at me and said, "Go! Spread the tale of what you've seen. Tell all you see that Palanthas is in grave danger!" I did as the Emperor commanded me."

Adventure Hooks

With the death of the Monitor Adjutant, it seems a new player has entered the fray in Palanthas – Gale, blind lieutenant to the former blue dragon overlord, Khellendros. What plans does Gale have for the city of Palanthas? Is he the puppeteer controlling the strings of the Blue Partisans or is this just another read herring to throw the heroes off track? Whatever the case, the heroes had better find out in a hurry.