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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Shinarean Vestment Unearthed at Sirrionite Sanctuary Construction Site

by Epoch, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Darkember 9, 421 AC

Ironrock - Construction workers discovered a vestment belonging to a cleric of Shinare encased in a block of masonry slated to be used in the foundation of the new Sirrionite sanctuary, a member of the construction crew reported.

Louis Ingalls, the foreman for the site, stopped a pair of workers bringing in new masonry blocks when he noticed what appeared to be a flap of fabric on one of the bricks. "I tugged at it and it it wouldn't budge, so I knew there had to be more inside the brick itself," he said. Ingalls and his men then used chisels to break the brick and discovered the garment. "It didn't belong to any of my crew, so I reported it to the clerics," Ingalls said.

The Sirrionites were shocked, but not completely surprised by the discovery. "The church of Sirrion and the church of Shinare have always had a friendly rivalry of sorts. These sorts of practical jokes go on all the time." The Reverend Johnathan Viera said, speaking on behalf of the church of Sirrion. "Some of our faithful may be tempted to take this as an affront or offense, but I would urge everyone not to take a lighthearted prank and blow it out of proportion."

The vestment has been identified as the property of Father David Ritz. "I lost it about a month or so back. I'd packed one of my cases far too full and it wasn't 'til I got here that I'd realized it had gone missing. It must have fallen out of my pack somewhere along the way." Ritz said as he held the vestment. "It's not wearable now; it's half-torn and there are lumps of concrete stuck to it. It's a ludicrous thing that someone would try to 'hex' the new sanctuary in this matter. There's no magic in the vestment, so I highly doubt it'd have any pull. But I've spoken to Johnathan about it and we decided to try to make some good come of it."

Viera and Ritz announced that the "curse vestment" would be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to benefit the poor, and to start new artistic endeavors in the Ironrock area. Bidding will start this Bakukal and will run until next Linaras.

Adventure Hooks

The characters have been assigned by the Church of Sirrion to investigate the matter further. An unidentified magic aura has been detected on the construction site, but the clerics can't pin down the exact location, or what type of magic is generating this aura. Is someone plotting something more sinister at the site?