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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Solanthus Man Begins Campaign to become Chancellor of Ansalon

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Kirinor, Darkember 5, 421 AC

Solanthus – A Solanthus man today announced his intentions to become the first ever Chancellor of Ansalon.

Lebrecht Posten, 43, a well regarded Guildmaster of Solanthus today told a packed Town Hall meeting of his intentions.

"Ansalon needs leadership," said Posten. "For too long the people of this continent have existed as individual nations rather than a unified people. It is this separation that allowed the Dark Knights to dominate much of Solamnia, including our own fair city. That's why today I am announcing my candidacy to become the first ever Chancellor of Ansalon."

The announcement was met alternately with ridicule and praise.

"Damian Harnower, of the Lamplighter's Guild said, "Posten is daft. He has a snowball's chance in the Abyss of convincing Solamnians much less the other races that he is the man for such a job. In fact, I bet ya the other races might put forth their own candidates. It'll be just like the ineffective Palanthas Senate was, a bunch of namby pambies running around telling people how to live their lives."

Edwin Maizemoor a local farmer had these words: "I dunno about anyone else, but what Posten said, make a lot of sense," said Maizemoor. Maybe if we'd have had a strong leader calling the shots instead of a bunch of little self important tinhorns like Markham in Palalnthas, then maybe things wouldn't be so screwed up. I'm backing Posten all the way."

To illustrate just how serious he was Posten resigned as Guildmaster saying, "I cannot fully devote myself to the task at hand as a ruling Guildmaster, nor could I devote myself one hundred percent to the people of Solanthas if I tried to do both. Effective immediately I am stepping down as a Guildmaster.

Representatives of the other Guildmatsers though on hand at the meeting declined to comment.

"I am taking my campaign to every major city on Ansalon," said Posten. "I will mingle with the common folks and prove to them I'm everything that I say I am. I can be a change for the betterment of all Ansalon."

Adventure Hooks

The heroes have been contracted by the Church of Shinare to provide security for Posten as he goes on his continental tour.