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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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Vampire Threatens Lord Mayor at Banquet

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Gildember 31, 421 AC

Solace – This past Linaras eve Palin Majere, Lord Mayor of Solace was verbally threatened while attending a banquet in Sad Town.

"The banquet was to announce the formal citizenship of the residents of Sad Town as citizens of Solace," said Marsi Azubah, one of the Lord Mayor's aides.

Sad Town is the name of the refugee camp that originally sprang up during the reign of the Green Dragon Overlord, Beryl in Qualinesti. It originally housed Qualinesti elves that managed to escape, but eventually grew to include refugees from every dragon occupied territory, including afflicted kender from destroyed Kendermore.

"The mayor had just begun to give a speech about welcoming the residents of Sad Town into the larger family of Solace, when he was interrupted by a pale figure in dark clothes," said Azubah.

According to Azubah, the figure issued a verbal threat to the Lord Mayor.

"You have the stench of Waylan on you," said the figure. "It is you and yours that will pay for his sins. He sought to cheat me out of what was rightfully mine and now I shall take payment in the blood of his descendants; starting with you."

Witness report the figure swirled his cape around him and transformed into a bat before the eyes of all in attendance. Before anyone could stop him, it flew out the window.

The Lord Mayor was immediately taken from the scene by Sheriff uth Mondar who ordered his posse to conduct a search of the entire town for any signs of the vampire.

"I don't know what Palin did to piss this guy off," said Azubah, "But it sounds pretty bad. Thank the gods, Sheriff uth Mondar was at the banquet and was able to get Palin out quickly."

Rumors are circulating around town as to the identity of the vampire that threatened the Lord Mayor. Solace's oldest living resident of Solace, Gareth Davisson (101 yrs old) believes the vampire to be none other than the infamous Lord Kryl.

"I remember stories from my childhood about Kryl," said Davisson. "Palin's mom, stole something from Kryl, a ring I think it was and Kryl hunted her down. Tika's father Alleran stepped in and persuaded the vampire to leave her alone. I heard rumors that he cheated Kryl and the vampire came looking for Alleran. That's the last I remember hearing as Alleran disappeared. I'll bet my last tooth, that Kryl's after Palin now to settle his grandfather's debt."

Whatever the truth of the rumors; the Lord Mayor and his family are receiving round the clock protection from the Sheriff and his posse.

Adventure Hooks

It is indeed Lord Kryl that is stalking Palin Majere. The vampire only recently revived after spending nearly 80 years staked to a tree on the lands of Eld Manor. He traveled to nearby Solace to feed and learned some of Waylan's descendants yet lived in town. Kryl is determined to make them pay for Waylan's transgressions. The heroes must find a way to protect Palin's family and discover the means to put Kryl down permanently.