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Bracha, 21st day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Mage-Duel and Theft at Great Library Leaves Questions

by Aelfwyn, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Gildember 31, 421 AC

Palanthas - Visitors to the Library of Palanthas were running for cover on Kirinor when two unknown elven magic-users dueled over the right to steal certain pages from several ancient tomes, some one thousand years old and written by Astinus himself.

It all began as a white-robed elderly elven male of indeterminate age entered the Library shortly before dusk on Majetag and asked Aesthetic, Mirim Silvermorn, to retrieve all the tomes containing passages pertinent to Elven History. "He said he was researching ancient elven society and politics," said Silvermorn. "He wouldn't tell me any specifics of his research. I've organized many of those volumes myself and was only too happy to help."

Silvermorn retrieved the requested materials, piling book after book upon the table where the anonymous elf worked. "He was there for hours. I went to bed after making final rounds and when I began again in the morning he was still there, carefully marking page after page with strips of leather he pulled from his robe."

What happened next was shocking. "He began tearing page after page out of the books!" When the Aesthetics in the Library tried to intercede they were blocked by what witnesses claim to be invisible walls of pure energy. "When he was done," claims Silvermorn, "he just slipped the papers; some at least a thousand years old, into a leather satchel and walked out."

Witnesses say the wall of energy moved with the elf, but when he exited the Library the situation only became more confusing. "This udder pointy-ear all in red come out a nowhere, see, and tells de first one to hand over de 'Histories'," said local taxidermist Wiley Fenton. "Well, dat din sit well with de first pointy-ear so he jus' blasts him." The thief exiting the Library apparently shot several magical missiles at the elf challenging him and that resulted in an all out mage-duel in the heart of Palanthas.

By the time the smoke cleared the thief was dead and his assailant badly wounded. Witnesses claim the dying elf in white said, "I have failed. The Nath-Elojim have returned."

The red robed elf took up the satchel containing the pages, which somehow were spared in the fighting. But just as they were ready to offer thanks to Gilean for the timely rescue, the apparent hero turned out to be just another villain. "He took the pages and just disappeared with them," lamented Silvermorn. "No one has looked at those pages in centuries. All that history, Gilean knows how much, now just gone."

Adventure Hooks

Who are the Nath-Elojim? Who are the mysterious elves that battled to keep their history a secret? With nothing but questions and turmoil between the Blue Partisans and the Palanthas Spears it could be some time before an official investigation can be launched; which is why the Holy Orders of Gilean are launching their own investigation. The heroes have been tasked with assisting in the investigation