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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 12
The Palanthas Herald

Imps Win Victory Over Blue Partisans

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Gildember 31, 421 AC

Imps Win Victory Over Blue Partisans

Palanthas - This week the Imps guild unleashed newly created weapons designed to counteract those stolen from their guildhouse by the Blue Partisans.

Early Majetag morning Spanneth Ironbolt and four other members of the Imps guild, Inventing Madgnomes of Palanthas, Solamnia, attacked the Imperial palace with the assistance of a small band of rebels. Under the cover of the predawn darkness a heavily armoured wagon was wheeled within bowshot of the walls and began to belch out a thick, dark, foul smelling smoke.

"Ghastly 'twas, the revoltin' stench of brimstone and manure," said Fenido Wlud, street sweeper. "Twasn't normal actin' smoke neither, it hung together, low to the groun' refusin' the efforts of the breeze to blows its away. Tha' twas when I's first heards them, the gnomes. It begans somewheres off, but soon gots even closer. It twas what I's always imagined a herd o' stampeding smithies woulda sounded likes, all squealin', creakin' and a clangin. Five huge suitsa armour the size o' ogres, each with a gnome sitting atop unders a glass dome. The strangest thing 'bout dem was the chillin' cold, I could feels it even though I was fifty feet from'em."

Witnesses say the blue partisans unleashed the Ironbolt crossbow a large mechanical repeating crossbow at the mechanised armours of the gnomes. However with the obscuring smoke hampering their visibility, the weapons effectiveness was limited with only one gnome armour successfully taken out. The Blue Partisans equipped with the dragonbreath backpack, a weapon that hurls chemical fire were sent out with orders to burn the smoke wagon.

"Those Blue boys tried to shoot fire at the gnomes when they intercepted them, but they had no hope," said Morris Sheppard formerly of the watch, leader of the rebels assisting the gnomes. "The cold generated by the gnome armours was phenomenal, the blobs of fire cooled and hardened before it even reached the gnomes. As the Blue Partisans retreated my soldiers and I were able damage the packs that carried the ingredients of the liquid fire. The gnomes next targeted the repeating mechanism of the Ironbolt crossbow, tossing several crystals of corrosive acid disabling it. Only the IMPS have the skills and knowledge to repair their weapons, so thankfully we won't have to face them again in any future attempts to retake the palace."

"Unfortunately the gnomes victory was at a severe price, with time a critical factor the gnomes hadn't been able to properly insulate the drive chambers from the extreme cold. Of the five gnomes who launched the attack only Spanneth Ironbolt survived and he lost his left foot to frostbite."

Adventure Hook

The Blue Partisans are desperate to repair the gnome weapons as they are what made it so easy for them to repulse the attack on the palace. The surviving members of the IMPS guild need protection especially the injured Spanneth Ironbolt.