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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
First Watch falling 21
The Palanthas Herald

Seamonster Slain By Flaming Sword

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Gildember 31, 421 AC

Palanthas - The seamonster plaguing the Palanthas harbor has been slain by the crew of the Flaming Sword at the expense of their ship.

Early Majetag morning shortly after dawn, witnesses report seeing the Flaming Sword enter Palanthas bay heading towards the harbor. The flagship was listing heavily to starboard and moving sluggishly. The ship also showed numerous signs of it's recent conflicts.

"I've seen the Flaming Sword after it's taken beatings before, but this was different," said Franc Nolan, dock worker. "She was burnt and charred along the length of her starboard side The figurehead was totally gone, as was most of the railing along the port side. She was sailing under a small patchwork sail that appeared to have been made out of sections scrounged from other sails. Strangely she seemed undermanned, I could only see Captain Hunter and his pet mage."

As with all other ships that have approached the Palanthas docks in the last few weeks the Flaming Sword was attacked by the sea monster the Blue Partisans released to guard the bay. Most commonly described as some form of a giant squid, the monster which was reportedly still growing in size was seen to wrap it's tentacles around the damaged flagship.

"The Sword was severely damaged fighting the various ships the pretender sent after us," John Hunter, Captain of the Flaming Sword told the Herald. "She needed repairs badly, but the safety of the Palanthian waters is our responsibility, our sacred duty, - so we came home to dispose of this monster. We loaded The Sword's hold full with naphtha, pitch and other volatile chemicals that burn even in water and together with Aileen, the Swords sea-wizardess, we went hunting."

Witnesses report that as the seamonster crushed the Flaming Sword, the wizard used her magic to fly the Captain to safety high above, from where the white robe cast a lightening bolt. The resulting explosive conflagration destroyed both the sea monster and The Flaming Sword.

"She was the best ship I ever sailed on and will be much missed," Captain Hunter said in conclusion.

According to Nolan, a cheer erupted from those gathered on the docks when the monster was destroyed.

"There was a lot of hooting and hollaring when the monster was destroyed," said Nolan. "A few City Guardsmen were among the crowd and they were probably cheering the loudest."

Nolan went on to say that when Captain Unter and the wizard set down a Blue Partisna pushed his way through the crowd and demanded the Guardsmen to take the pair into custody.

"The Guardsmen planted themselves in front of Catpain Hunter and the wizard and refused to budge," said Nolan. "The Partisan got loud and physical but our boys didn't put up with it and dropped Mr. Fancy Robes in the bay. They hefted Hunter and Aileen up and carried them off like the conquering they are."

No word has been heard from the Palace about the incident.

Adventure Hooks

Unverified reports have been circulating about Palanthas of clutches of sea monster eggs. Palanthian authorities with their resources as strained as they are by the present crisis, are hiring resourceful adventurers to investigate to truth of these claims, providing an excellent opportunity for underwater adventure.