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Majetag, 17th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Eighth Watch falling 21
The Palanthas Herald

IMPS Guild Crafting Countermeasures

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Majetag, Gildember 21, 421 AC

Palanthas - The gnomes of the Imps guild are building the countermeasures to protect the rebel forces from the weapons pillaged from their guildhouse.

The gnomes the IMPS guild, Inventing Madgnomes of Palanthas Solamnia guild, are working day and night to construct countermeasures to the weapons that were stolen several weeks ago.

"Wehavebeen working hard on armoured suits thatretardtheeffects of the Dragonbreath pack," said Spanner Ironbolt of IMPS. "Theproblemis we couldn't findthesupplies we needed for our initial ideaanywherewithinthecity. So as a result we were forcedtogowith a moreradicalsolution and had to scavenge what we needed fromacrossthecity." Amongst the many things gathered by and for the gnomes were a variety of chemicals from the city's tanners. Several of the city's fountains were also disassembled for the pipes and other plumbing fittings.

"Unfortunately despite their location being a closely held secret, there have been several attempts on the lives of the IMPS members as they have ventured into the city to retrieve the tools and supplies they have needed." Morris Sheppard formerly of the Palanthas guard told the Herald. "Whether or not these individuals are Blue Partisans or people they have hired to do their dirty work, they have shown that they are extremely skilled in both stealth and magic. It is only through the dedicated efforts of the Steel legionnaires that none of the attacks have as yet been successful."

"Now that wealmosthave a workable solution for the Dragonbreath pack we'regoing to focus our efforts on counteringmycrossbow," said Spanner Ironbolt of the repeating Ironbolt crossbow that last week caused such chaos and disaster for the rebels.

"Adifficultprocess considering our limited resources, wewillhave to once more venture into the city tofindwhatwewillneed." Rebel forces loyal to the true Emperor are organising protection details, but there is a great deal of concern that with the tactics the Blue Partisans employ that this will not be enough.

Adventure Hooks

Protect the IMPS gnomes from Blue Partisan attacks as they gather the items they need for the countermeasure to the Ironbolt crossbow.