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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Treachery At Inglewood Summit

by Darcwulf, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Gildember 12, 421 AC

Inglewood - Haven delegate Macklin Rivers this week viciously attacked the other delegates before the introductions had even been finished.

This past Palast was the first day of the Inglewood Summit, a meeting of representatives of various governments to discuss the growing threat of Venom, the daughter of the late dragon Overlord Onysablet. As Inglewood's town mayor, Pyihr Ramdir, was making the official introductions, Macklin Rivers the delegate from Haven in Abanasinia rose to his feet and began to speak.

"We all are gathered here to talk about Venom," witnesses say Macklin said. "My mistress wishes me to inform the peoples of Ansolon through you, that she is everywhere and knows everything. If you invade her sovereign lands she will invade yours. If you harm her agents, she will harm yours. If you interfere in her plans in anyway, she will rise up and annihilate you. And annihilation is the fate of this puny town for defying the Mistress's glory." Witnesses report that Macklin then removed a slender wooden wand from his sleeve and levelled it at the stunned Ramdir.

"I thought Pyir was done for" said Ayndion Half-Elven one of the town's guards who was in attendance. "I was just putting arrow to string when the Havenite began to shout the command word, but his wand flew out from his hand to Thorne's."

Thorne Morland is a half-kender sorcerer and the leader of the local Steel Legionnaires.

"I had my doubt's about that one when he first turned up, seeing he is part kender and all, but he has got the power and he ain't afraid to use it," said Half-Elven.

"It was then I let loose an arrow hoping to end it all, but me shaft just bounce off of him," Ayndion Half-Elven continued. "Macklin started cast some spell or other, so I fired again to distract him. I don't care who you are, even if you're protected by magic, arrows bouncing off you will get your attention. It spooked him long enough for the Kingfisher to knock him down, right fast that one."

The Kingfisher, the notorious elven sea captain, was the representative of Speaker Gilthas.

"She smashed Macklin but good with the hilt of her sword," said Half-Elven.

"It seems we missed something last week when we rescued Macklin," Thorne Morland told the Herald. "Upon further examination we discovered a scale imbedded in his chest. It's no wonder we got him back so easily, Venom wanted him here at the Summit. The only good news is that we believe that Venom's knowledge of the dragon scale process is limited and that we may have a chance of freeing Macklin from her influence."

The incident has darkened the mood of the summit, fostering distrust as rumors fly about the town, that other delegates maybe pawns of Venom.

Adventure Hooks

Venom may have other pawns at the summit. The heroes must root out the corruption within and at the same time assist with finding a way to free Macklin Rivers and possibly others from Venom's control.