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Palast, 16th day of Reapember, 432 AC
Third Watch falling 15
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Construction Begins on New Sirrionite Sanctuary

by Epoch, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Gildember 12, 421 AC

Ironrock - The foundation has been laid down for a massive new sanctuary dedicated to Sirrion, scheduled to be completed by the winter solstice.

"This new sanctuary will supplant the old as the primary sanctuary in the holy city." The Reverend Johnathan Viera said. "We will continue to hold service in the old sanctum until the new one is ready this winter, at which time the old sanctuary will be donated to the city for use as the town hall."

The "Holy city" of Ironrock is technically a village of about 1,000 permanent residents, but it also has a population of about half as many Sirrionite clerics and lay brethren who are not included on the permanent census rolls. Four active Sirrionite sanctuaries are located in the village, with the largest one housing the Liber Ignati, an ancient text dating back to the Third Dragon War which is currently believed to be the oldest artifact the church of Sirrion has in its possession.

"Our brethren come from across the land to study the Liber and share what they've learned with other clergy." Reverend Viera said, "We hope our new sanctuary will allow us to better serve our brethren and our community in the holy city."

Adventure Hooks

The Liber Ignati has been stolen! A Cult of Chemosh, called the Quenchers of the Flame has claimed responsibility for the theft. The heroes are either members of the Sirrionite Holy Order or are allies of the Order who have been tasked with recovering the Liber Ignati in time for the consecration ceremony of the new sanctuary. The heroes must act fast or else the Quenchers of the Flame will defile of destroy the sacred text.