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Linaras, 15th day of Reapember, 432 AC
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The Palanthas Herald

Blue Partisans Recalled to Palace

by Kendermage, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Linaras, Gildember 5, 421 AC

Palanthas – In a surprise move, Emperor Markham has ordered all members of the Blue Partisans to return to the Palace.

Unnamed sources within the Emperor's Staff confirm that all remaining Blue Partisans were recalled early Kirinor to the Emperor's Palace.

Grayson Halliwell, Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans speaking on Emperor Markham's behalf defended the recall saying, "We have information which leads us to believe that Emperor Markham's life is in immediate danger. A credible source has informed us that rebel forces within the city are planning to mount an assault on the Palace. It is better that the Emperor's protectors be where they are most able to defend him, than engaging in squabbles with spoiled children in the streets. Yes it means that until the current crisis has abated that ordinary citizens will be at the mercy of radical organizations like the Palanthas Spears and the Legion of Steel, but such cannot be helped. The safety of His Majesty is our top priority."

Warrant Officer Jürgen Culver of the Palanthas Spears rebutted Halliwell's claims saying, "It comes as no surprise that Halliwell is recalling his hooded thugs. We in the Spears have been doing our part to show the citizens of Palanthas that they have nothing to fear from these boogey-men. They are just ordinary people too. They only have the power people give them and we choose to give them none."

Since their inception, the Blue Partisans have been targeted by groups loyal to freedom in the city. It is true that several of the Blue Partisans have been killed in exchanges, but dozens more have had their identities exposed thanks to groups like the Legion and the Spears.

"No one will ever trust these men again," said Culver. "Such traitors to freedom must forever live with the shame they have brought on themselves for siding with the likes of Mad Emperor Markham. Thanks to this recall now all the rats are in one cage."

The White Lady could not be reached for comment. Represenatives of Red Manor claim that Lady Coryn has not been in residence there for several weeks. Rumors insist that Lady Coryn is still in the city and remains free despite attempts by the Blue Partisans to capture her."

"She is still free," said Culver, "Else Halliwell would have paraded her down Market Street for the whole city to see."

Also still at large in the city is the mysterious Asssassin. Rumors are circulating among the people that the Assassin is none other than Jaymes Markham himself. Some claim the Assassin is the real Markham and the one in the Palace is an imposter. Other rumors suggest that the Assassin is a scam concocted by Emperor Markham and Monitor Prime Halliwell to conceal their real activities.

The Monitor Prime has suspended all audiences with Emperor Markham indefinitely and dismissed all non-essential staff from the Emperor's Palace. He also issued a general mandate instructing all citizens to remain in their homes until further notice.

Adventure Hooks

All of the pieces are aligning on the Khas board. Soon the game will begin in earnest. Can the heroes find the White King and Queen in time? Or will the game go to the Blue King and his Vizier? Is the recall just a trap to draw the White King and Queen out of hiding? Time is running out.